Marketing on twitter: 12 things to avoid (Podcast included)

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I know what you’re thinking & yes, you can market using strategies that actually stunt your brands growth. Additionally, using bad methods can also lead to people mass blocking and reporting you, hurting your brands visibility on the timeline.

Every social platform has etiquette rules & twitter is no different. While this is the most popular micro blogging social media platform & a gold mine for businesses of all sizes, it is also a communications app consumers use to learn about brand ethics, friendliness and customer service track record.

While using the platform as a beginner can feel daunting, confusing and fast paced compared to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook - you can learn the best practices.

The great news is that if you feel this way, you are not alone. In fact, Twitter is the hardest platform to market on for many businesses and content creators. After marketing on twitter for 6 years, I came up with this idea to share some of what I've learned thus far!

In creating this short, I thought about the most common practices I see that are unethical and questionable at best. One thing I’ve noticed for 6 years is that most people are simply unaware of how to market and the strategies that they can use for their brand.

Sidenote: All of the tips below won’t apply to you, but you can learn in the Content Marketing Guide I published. Download it for $5 using sezzle or Shop pay.

What not to do when marketing on twitter:

I believe that identifying what not to do is essentially more important than knowing exactly what to do. The reason being that if you know what not to do, everything else will at least be a step in the right direction. If you are already doing these things, stop, right now. If you don't care to stop, then skip to the next section and do what you do best. There is no need to get upset about this, because marketing is an art and art is what?


So, at the very least i do suggest avoiding these 12 things when marketing on twitter:

  1. Don’t steal content, ever. Give credit where it's due. + Many of these people you steal from are legit businesses and will sue you.
  2. Don’t buy followers, ever. We can tell when you have ghost and robots as your followers because nobody with 50K followers averages 2 likes, unless their followers are fake.
  3. Don’t only use automatic posts. It's great to schedule your content, but make sure you're active on the platform to respond to comments and also comment on other peoples content.
  4. Don’t use automated DM response systems, especially if you aren't taking the time to personalize the responses the robot will provide. Sometimes, its best to respond when you're active, in case the robot doesn't answer properly.
  5. Don’t do things you aren’t comfortable with, meaning don't force your content. Be genuine, we can tell when you aren't being yourself.
  6. Don’t take mental notes, take literal notes. Bookmark the tweets you need for later, but take it a step further and organize them into list so that you can more easily find them.
  7. Don’t spam people, don't spam random peoples post and don't spam people's DMs. This is the fastest way to get blocked, it's VERY annoying. I hate when people comment promoting themselves on my content, but especially on my viral content.
  8. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t - being yourself is your super power, embrace that 100%. 
  9. Don’t complain about people not supporting you, its unattractive and those sympathy sales are a one time thing. Its not worth tarnishing your brand for.
  10. Don’t talk about things unrelated to your brand and things you want to discuss regularly. Try to avoid politics and controversial subjects if this isn't what your account is about.
  11. Don’t talk about controversial things if you don’t want to be attacked. You can have an opinion, but that doesn't mean you won't lose followers because of them.
  12. Don't steal pictures of people. It's one thing to use a meme as your avi, but try to use your own pics or memes people recognize as such if you must.

Doing these things only make you seem untrustworthy, a Content thief & someone who lacks digital business etiquette. All of which is 100% unavoidable when you’re being intentional about your purpose on twitter.

In my next article, I’m going to share 28 Twitter marketing strategies that work. Every article in this twitter marketing series is an extension of a master article, Inbound Marketing With Twitter: 99 tips for success.


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