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Master Content Workbook


“I post on social media every day but I’m still not getting sales and I don’t understand why”

If this sounds like you, then this workbook is for you. Unlike traditional books, we made this a tip-style workbook. So with 16 tips, 16 worksheets, graphics and content templates this masterpiece can help you pinpoint your content weaknesses, strengths, and new strategies.

Our inspiration for writing this book? 

Simple, when I needed it as a new entrepreneur I could not find it. I bought a ton of books, visited a ton of book stores but most social media books I tried were outdated and only provided VERY basic information for people who’ve never used a cellphone.

 To combat this, we spent two years developing this workbook to ensure you understand not only what your content is lacking, but also how to fix it and keep improving it until you get your desired results.

The best part is, with less than 120 pages you could finish this book and activities in less than 2 weeks and start crushing your goals this month! Your success will no longer be on hold but instead knocking on your front door as the orders start rolling in.
So, what are you waiting for?

Ebook information:

  • 2.5 MB file
  • 116 pages
  • PDF Format for any device
  • You will be able to download the worksheets in one file within the book to make writing easier.

Physical Book Information: 

  • 5.5 x 8.5 in
  • 116 pages
  • We only keep 20 in stock per month, all additional books will be for preorder and take 2-3 weeks for printing and shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Carrington Kelso

Ty has gone above and BEYOND with this workbook and I cannot stress it enough. As someone who runs 2 online businesses, this book is a God-send. Sometimes it's difficult to think of what to do next as a business owner, because there is always so much to do, but this workbook really has so many helpful tools right at your finger tips. I highly recommend you give it a try! Trust, you will not be disappointed.

Tori Wofle
The Versatility is unmatched! For ppl with Alternative career paths

Working in an alternative industry it’s hard to try to navigate how to reach your audience Ty book gave me all the tips and tricks to grow my following and brand awareness.

It’s totally changed my entire brands trajectory.

I love how Ty is Alternative industry friendly this E-book is “that crack”

Thank you Ty!

Malanee Todd
She Gets It ⭐

Ty does a brilliant job of posing thought-provoking questions with a system of activities to both teach and challenge beginners to plan like a pro.

This Content Master Workbook prepared me for a natural expansion within my business. While I began to plan outside-of-the-box content for my blog and social media, little did I know that, I was inadvertingly creating material for an ebook of my own.

This book offers more than it's worth if you are open to being creative and to challenging yourself to think outside of going viral as a marketing strategy.

I am both excited to see what Ty has up next for us and believe that there is plenty more to explore with an already helpful book for beginners.

Anna McClinton
The key to Content! Simply Amazing :) (Danielle McClinton) (SoBlessedDanny)

I just got the e-book, and immediately was answering questions about my brand that I never really thought of before I created it! I already have part of my day set out to actually go through a TIP a day because each TIP is essential okay lol! Plus, its just an #AriesGangThang :)

Practical, Insightful, and Groudbreaking

This workbook is a content creator’s DREAM! Literally! It wastes NO time getting to the nitty gritty and breaks downs content as well as all the ‘whys’ that help us understand our purposes for said content. Tyllah uses easy to follow templates, and even takes the time to fill them out first to provide examples. They make for great references when I’m lost or just need some inspiration. Her digital marketing expertise is simply unmatched, and she makes it foolproof for even a rookie content creator like me to hit the ground running. I was creating content before, but not with a strategy until I got this workbook. Now I see the engagement, the community growth and best of all, the SALES. If you’re thinking about getting this workbook I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s the best way to invest in your brand when you need to stand out online.