Inbound Marketing With Twitter: 99 tips for success

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Twitter, the most popular micro blogging social media platform, is a gold mine for businesses of all sizes. However, using the platform as a beginner can feel daunting, confusing and fast paced compared to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. In fact, Twitter is the hardest platform to market on for many businesses and content creators. After marketing on twitter for 6 years, I came up with this idea to share some of what I've learned thus far!

To create this article, I thought about the most common questions I get asked about how I make money on twitter, grow my following and go viral weekly. One thing I’ve noticed for 6 years is that most people are simply unaware of how to market and the strategies that they can use for their brand.

Sidenote: All of the tips below won’t apply to you, so pick and choose what you need and shout me out on Twitter (@Touchedbyty) if it helps.

To get started, here's an overview of what you can expect in this article:

  1. What not to do.
  2. Different strategies to try.
  3. New skills to learn and enhance.
  4. Where can you learn new skills?
  5. Mindset tips.
  6. Things you can do RIGHT NOW.

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99 Twitter Tips | Touched By Ty

What not to do when marketing on twitter:

I believe that identifying what not to do is essentially more important than knowing exactly what to do. The reason being that if you know what not to do, everything else will at least be a step in the right direction. If you are already doing these things, stop, right now. If you don't care to stop, then skip to the next section and do what you do best. There is no need to get upset about this, because marketing is an art and art is what?


So, at the very least i do suggest avoiding these 12 things when marketing on twitter:

  1. Don’t steal content, ever. Give credit where it's due. + Many of these people you steal from are legit businesses and will sue you.
  2. Don’t buy followers, ever. We can tell when you have ghost and robots as your followers because nobody with 50K followers averages 2 likes, unless their followers are fake.
  3. Don’t only use automatic posts. It's great to schedule your content, but make sure you're active on the platform to respond to comments and also comment on other peoples content.
  4. Don’t use automated DM response systems, especially if you aren't taking the time to personalize the responses the robot will provide. Sometimes, its best to respond when you're active, in case the robot doesn't answer properly.
  5. Don’t do things you aren’t comfortable with, meaning don't force your content. Be genuine, we can tell when you aren't being yourself.
  6. Don’t take mental notes, take literal notes. Bookmark the tweets you need for later, but take it a step further and organize them into list so that you can more easily find them.
  7. Don’t spam people, don't spam random peoples post and don't spam people's DMs. This is the fastest way to get blocked, it's VERY annoying. I hate when people comment promoting themselves on my content, but especially on my viral content.
  8. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t - being yourself is your super power, embrace that 100%. 
  9. Don’t complain about people not supporting you, its unattractive and those sympathy sales are a one time thing. Its not worth tarnishing your brand for.
  10. Don’t talk about things unrelated to your brand and things you want to discuss regularly. Try to avoid politics and controversial subjects if this isn't what your account is about.
  11. Don’t talk about controversial things if you don’t want to be attacked. You can have an opinion, but that doesn't mean you won't lose followers because of them.
  12. Don't steal pictures of people. It's one thing to use a meme as your avi, but try to use your own pics or memes people recognize as such if you must.

Twitter Marketing Strategies | Touched By Ty

Different strategies to try:

The main thing is making sure you are creative, joining conversations, and maintaining visibility. You literally want it to be to the point that under every relevant post, your followers see you and potential clients start to recognize you as well. No matter what, please understand that using social media for business is a long game. Trying to make money on social media and building passive income is a long game. If you want something quick and easy, I unfortunately cannot help you because I am not well versed in fly by night companies and scams. 

What I can help you do though is build a brand that people love and that they will promote to the people they love. If that's what you want, then that is what I am here for.

If this sounds like you, then check out these 27 strategies you can try to enhance your twitter marketing experiences:

  1. Capitalize on trends, when you see relevant trends, participate in them by creating content in real time.
  2. Experiment with posting times, posting everyday at 10 am could be whats holding you back.
  3. Be consistent and set a schedule, you don't have to be online all day everyday but you should still show up when your schedule permits.
  4. Reference other experts and tag them, if they share your post organically its a free way to drive traffic back to your page.
  5. Create interactive content, try using mixed media post with info graphics, videos, gifs, tutorial threads, and surveys.
  6. Create a quiz and put it in your bio to drive traffic, this is a super easy way to capture relevant leads, rather than only leading them to immediately buy something.
  7. Promote your blog 3-5 on the release date and 2-3 times a week for a month. You'll be surprised how easy it is to drive an extra 1,000 website visitors when you have consistent content.
  8. Optimize your images to fit the tweet window without being cropped, canva can help you with this.
  9. Search key words for your industry to answer questions people have, after your tweet gets good engagement they can popup in search engines when people search for you or specific topics you discuss.
  10. Use a real and high quality profile pic because people buy from people, not businesses. I've spent time testing it and my engagement is always higher when i use pictures of myself rather than pictures of my logo.
  11. Put your email in your bio, tell people where and how to tag you.
  12. Review your analytics bi-weekly, change your content based on your analytics and NOT your mood.
  13. Promote 30% - 40% of the time, the remaining time should be spent educating your audience and creating consumable and shareable content. 
  14. Write an amazing bio that details what you do, who you do it for, and why.
  15. Use all creative space to promote business (bio, handle and name), don't waste your free real estate with corny jokes most wont care to understand.
  16. Make a custom professional header, this is where you promote your best seller. Canva has amazing templates for this.
  17. Don't forget to survey your audience regularly so they can tell you what they need and why, it'll take the guess work out.
  18. Work with what you have, don’t worry about what you don’t have. Focusing on not having followers, instead of how to get them is what's holding you back.
  19. Do interactive threads to learn your followers, ask them questions about them. This can help you build a customer profile that's relevant and up to date.
  20. Recreate your most popular tweets as blog posts, expand on those topics and share your expertise. This is a great way to build authority.
  21. Only use hashtags already trending or hashtags relevant to your brand that you create. Hashtags aren't necessary to go viral or grow a following on twitter.
  22. Create your own hashtag for your company, now you have somewhere online with reviews, UGC (user generated content) and it adds authenticity to your brand.
  23. Use pics and videos more often, try everyday. You lose 25% of peoples interest by not using videos.
  24. Use polls strategically - Before you write a blog, before you create content, on relevant viral post etc.
  25. Use Twiends to track best posting times and have a community of support while growing your account.
  26. Start managing a content calendar, brainstorming relevant content and creating content relevant to your goals.
  27. Pick 5 brands similar to yours to follow and interact with, analyze their account regularly and pay attention engagement, consistency in posting, posting times, type of content, and best performing content.
  28. Create threads to market blog post, but don't forget to keep them short and simple, yet enticing so that they click the link to your blog.

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Twitter Strategies | Touched By Ty

New skills to learn or enhance:

There are plenty of things that you will need to learn how to do that you are 100% new to. And that is perfectly okay! We will not be an expert at everything and at the very least, you can always hire someone. 

But, if you are a DIY person like me, then check out these 9 tips for skills to learn to enhance your social media marketing:

  1. Learn how to promote indirectly, create content that doesn't feel like you're trying to sell something all of the time.
  2. Learn copy-writing - the art of creating sales text that incites emotions and urgency to buy.
  3. Learn that marketing is an art, make it creative and unique to your brand. You don't have to copy anyone else.
  4. Learn how to write strong CTAs - it is NOT enough to say SHOP NOW, that doesn't tell me the benefits of why I should. Be more specific, what will the results be if they shop now?
  5. Learn how to make graphics, try using Art Board studio, canva, and learning simple design can take you a long way.
  6. Learn how to make and edit simple videos. You can easily re-purpose tiktok content into twitter content.
  7. Learn how to blog effectively, Specifically learn formatting, headline writing, promoting offers, best posting times etc.
  8. Learn how to engage an audience, you can't always ask for the sale directly. It can be a turn off and make people not want to buy, even if they are interested.
  9. Learn how to drive traffic to your website, even without going viral. Consistent traffic is possible with consistently useful content.
  10. Learn SEO - Search engine optimization, so you don't have to spend so much time on social media.

Where can you learn how to do these things:

  1. Udemy
  2. HubSpot academy
  3. Edex
  4. Google
  5. Facebook
  6. Buffer
  7. Twitter
  8. Skillshare
  9. Shopify academy
  10. Alison 
  11. YouTube
  12. Adobe
  13. Affinity designer
  14. Lynda

** This blog was too obvious of an answer lol

Marketing Mindset Tips | Touched By Ty

Mindset tips:

Mindset is EVERYTHING! 

The wrong mindset in business, life, relationships, or anything can ruin everything. Don't be afraid to transition and grow because what works today, may not work tomorrow. And trust me, you do not want to lose everything you have built because you cannot decide between putting your pride aside and acting like an adult and growing with your constructive feedback.

If you are ready to grow and change, check out these 12 tips for changing your mindset to grow your twitter following and business: 

  1. Make the goal to drive traffic to your profile and then to your website, specifically set SMART goals to crush your goals.
  2. Keep your word, share the content you say you're going to share even if you think it'll have low engagement.
  3. Be original because what works for them, may not work for you. Don't be afraid to try new things that other's are scared to.
  4. Be genuine - every single day. Genuinely help people, leave genuine content and responses to questions on your post.
  5. Understand the first sentence is what goes viral, this is what we call the "hook" . If they aren't hooked by the first sentence, they probably won't get hooked.
  6. Keep majority of your content on your website. I know it can be tempting to share everything on social media, but don't. If you do, what will the incentive be to come back to your website?
  7. Write your threads out ahead of time, the app can close at any time and delete all of your hard work. Google docs is your friend.
  8. Don’t get lost in your following count, engagement and sales are significantly more important than followers.
  9. Establish yourself as an industry expert by sharing relevant and authentic content consistently.
  10. Connect with people for conversations, not convenience and be sure to network laterally with people on the same level as you.
  11. Identify what viral is for your page, but don't focus on always trying to go viral because you will be miserable.
  12. Understand that it’s not always about sales. It's important, but it's also important to actually enjoy what you do because the sales will come.
  13. Have fun - twitter is supposed to be fun. If you're stressed out, you're doing it wrong.

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Strategies for Twitter | Touched By Ty

Things you can do right now:

I had to save the best for last, because obviously I am going to give you tips for things you can do right now for free to change your branding and company page altogether.

Keep in mind, not all of these you will be able to do if you have never done them. But do not fret, I am here to help. Just reach out to me via Twitter or email me via the Contact Form.

If you're ready to try and change your strategy, consider applying a few of the 19 strategies below:

  1. Communicate instead of promote - why should people care? how does it benefit them? what results will they have? What are the positive outcomes? Who are you?
  2. Create content that helps people, helpful content is more likely to be shared which increases your brands exposure for free.
  3. Establish your brand by being present in the comments of thought leaders in your industry. Don't spam their comments, leave genuine insight and participate in the conversation.
  4. Be diverse in the information you share, everything doesn't have to be about what you sell or about your business, it just need to be relevant to what you do. Get creative to get your engagement up.
  5. Ask questions and respond to answers, people are more likely to answer your questions when they know where you stand.
  6. Talk to your audience in their language, do they use AAVE? Do they have special abbreviations? What is their usual tone of voice?
  7. Respond to your comments on viral tweets - don't be so quick to mute viral post. Talking to them increases the likelihood of them following you.
  8. Put yourself out there to connect with other creators, you never know who will partner with you unless you ask. The worst thing they can say is no.
  9. Join or make engagement groups
  10. Post every single day, especially while growing your account. You need to stay on the TL and in their face.
  11. Open your threads with 30 sec videos, this is an easy way to boost engagement and entice people to read your threads and click links.
  12. Go live a few times a month, this lightens the load of you feeling like you have to record videos and edit content every single day.
  13. Start creating video threads instead of making them all text based, this can do wonders for your engagement.
  14. Tag the threader bot in your tweet threads so they can turn them into downloadable post for you for free.
  15. RT your old tweets + elaborate on the topic with new things you learned to further assert industry authority.
  16. Bookmark viral tweets, it'll make them easier to find and re-purpose later.
  17. Start a thread of all your threads, when you're running low on content ideas this can be a life saver and requires no strategy planning or brainstorming.
  18. Drive traffic from other platforms, cross promote every single chance you get so followers from every platform can follow you.
  19. Love on your followers, shout them out, create special newsletters for them and share their good news often.
  20. Regularly declutter your tweets and page, delete old things that are irrelevant to what you do as your brand evolves.
  21. Rewrite and re-share tweets that didn't perform well, this is A/B marketing. You'll be surprised at how changing 2-3 words changes everything.
  22. Go through viral tweets for memes - yes, steal those memes and create a meme arsenal for yourself.

If these tips helped you don’t forget to share this post on twitter and feel free to tell a friend or two about this blog. I would love to learn more about how specifically this helps you or any questions you may have so feel free to comment down below and we will reach out to you to answer any questions.

Also, if you want more guidance and tips like this, checkout the master content guide I created for you.

Download the Master Content Guide


Tyllah-Chanel Hampton (author)

Hi Lokei, I’m so happy you enjoyed this blog, I worked really hard on it. And I agree, consistency is usually the hardest part for everyone honestly. Just so you know, twitter lets you schedule tweets directly through the app. (:

Tyllah-Chanel Hampton (author)

I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills, expand my brand and take my following through the roof ! I loved this article! The hardest part about social media is consistentcy so I definitely would utilize the type of tool to schedule my post daily at least three times a day w the different audiences morning noon and ofc Twitter after dark. Gotta post for all three audiences to get a solid consistent following !


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