Hey Business Besties,

I’d like to formally introduce myself and let you all learn a bit about me & my story. If you do not know, I am only a 24 year Black woman trying to maximize my resources while applying to grants and loans, however, I can only do so much. As the caretaker for my disabled mother, I am trying every single day to stay afloat, stretch my funds as far as I can and minimize my stress to maximize my creativity.

Somedays are quite hopeless, as I have to focus on creating content that sells products rather than creating content that you all love as much as I do. With your help, I can make better content that’s more engaging. I will also be able to publish more often, as I’ll no longer have to focus on sales to create content you love.

If you’re unaware, I am transitioning Touched By Ty away from being a service provider. I would like to kick 2022 off with becoming a full time content creator, so that I can focus on giving you all the best content possible while also running my print shop.

For this to be equitable and remain free to everyone who needs it, I am asking that you consider donating to Touched By Ty for several reasons including:

  • Upgrading equipment for the podcast
  • Business fees (podcast hosting, website hosting, website plugins, tech maintenance)
  • Freelance hiring (illustrators, animators & podcast editors)
  • Bringing special guest onto the podcast and blog
  • Photoshoots for brand visual engagement 
  • Monthly webinars & Workshops
  • Producing courses
  • Book & journal publishing
  • Downtime required to brainstorm & create content
  • Freebie downloads
  • Professional development & skill enhancement 
  • Design software (canva, Adobe, affinity designer, affinity publisher, art studio, figma etc.)
  • improving our merch (mugs, tote bags, journals)

In total, it cost me roughly $4,000 a month to successfully run Touched By Ty. And even if we can’t raise that through donations, every dollar counts. However, with over 2,000 email subscribers, nearly 15,000 twitter followers and almost 3,000 TikTok followers - I am confident that if everyone donated $5 a month we could keep this content free forever.

If you can’t afford it at this time, please share this with 5 people who can. I believe that together we can make a change and that is why I am humbly asking you all to support Touched By Ty so that I can become a better content creator for you all.

Donations are accepted via Cashapp currently, more options will be available soon.

Please click HERE to donate.


Warmest regards,




Touched By Ty Creative Agency