Automations: The missing key to your business [10 benefits of automations + Podcast]

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Hi business besties and welcome to 72 hours of automations.

 In this special blog post, I am going to introduce automations to you. We are also going to discuss why automations are the missing key from your business's strategy, why you need automations to scale and how automations can help you understand what your processes are, what's required to complete them, and save money over time. So, if this is something that you're interested in, then you're going to love this article. And as always, if you do love this article, please donate to My Creator Fund, so that I can make sure that this content stays free 100% for you guys for ever.

If you find value in the 72 hours automations that we're doing this weekend, consider signing up for the automations virtual workshop I'm hosting at the end of February. With Zapier I will be explaining how you can better reduce your workload, how it can help you with social media, social proof, increasing sales, increasing online engagement and making it look like you are online 24/7, even when you aren't. So if that's something that you want to learn, consider coming to the upcoming virtual workshop.

With that being said, let's go ahead and hop in.

Automations are necessary for your business for several reasons:

  • They help you save time by reducing how many repetitive tasks you have to do.
  • They make scaling significantly easier for your business.
  • They make hiring and outsourcing easier as well.
  • Automations make outsourcing cheaper because it's less manual labor a staff has to do.
  • Automations help decrease mistakes and increase efficiency because once they're set up, they are created to be mistake free. So as long as they continue to run everything that they do after that will perpetually be mistake free.
  • The last thing is that automations keep things going even when you're not there. So it's like a super affordable 24/7 Personal Assistant. 

Now taking all of those things into consideration, I have to wonder why you wouldn't want to implement automations into your business. Because if automations help you save time by reducing how many repetitive tasks you have to do, why wouldn't you want to save time, money and increase efficiency?

Why wouldn't you want to put things and processes in place in your business that can help you spend more time with your family and spend more time doing things that you love and enjoy? 

 Why wouldn't you want to make scaling your business easier by understand what your processes are, how much they cost to do, how labor intensive they are, & how long they take to do? You’ll also learn what it looks like from start to finish for each of your processes so that you understand what you can automate versus what you can outsource and how long would it take those people that you outsource to to do those things. 

Automations make hiring and outsourcing easier as well. By understanding this, you learn what needs to be done, you can spend less time on the actual processes of running your business and more time focusing on building your business. Ultimately , this is what's going to allow you to scale your business.

This is something that I learned in a year of me having a warehouse and scaling and growing my team and I realized that I needed to take a step back to focus on automations. I needed to focus on understanding what my processes were, how much all of this stuff really cost long term, and where this money was gonna come from.

But because I wasn't fully aware of the power of automations, a year or two ago, I was not fully prepared for all of the amazing things that were coming into my life. But now that I know better, I can do better moving forward. Which is why I'm trying to help you understand that using automations can also help you avoid many pitfalls and business mistakes with automations. 

I think the best part is that automations is that they keep things going when you're not there. For example, they can help expedite client communications. They can send clients contracts, automated email responses letting them know that you're out of the office & project updates.

Automations can also help with your social proof campaigns. So every time somebody buys something, signs up for something, or leaves a review on your site, you can create automations, to where all of those things are automatically posted on your Twitter or your IG feed, or on your Pinterest accounts on Facebook, whatever social media platform that you like to use, for the most part.

So when you really take a step back, and you think about everything that automations can do, you should consider automations as the first step to scaling because automation software costs you 20 to 50 bucks a month. In comparison you will spend $1,000 - $3,000 a month on staff to do the exact same manual labor. In the beginning, automations can help you set up an infrastructure for a content creator, a social media manager, a personal assistant, an administrative assistant, and accountants, & a website manager.

So, doing automations can really help you prepare your business for six to 10 different positions of people that you want to hire on. When you already have processes outlined for these people, it makes their jobs easier, it makes them more efficient, and it lowers your payroll and labor cost over time. So, moving forward I really want you to take time to really think about these things, especially if you want to scale and grow your business. 

When it comes to why you need automations, consider what automations can do for your business. Because when you start understanding all of this, then you also start to understand that automations are a necessity for your business.

Automations aren’t optional because:

  • Automations save time
  • Automations save money
  • They increase efficiency before you hire a team
  • They're going to make you a better business owner by making it significantly easier for you to get to climb the ladder in your industry.

Now, if you want more hands on assistance with creating automations for your business, identify automations that you need and understanding how they can be fully integrated into your business so that you never have to touch them again, unless you want to edit them. You should definitely consider signing up for my automations virtual workshop at the end of February.

 With this workshop, we're going to go over several different things for automations with Zapier. This will give you the perfect opportunity to ask questions, to ask to see a very specific tutorial, we will have a homework assignment as well and you'll also get access to the playback. And if you want something a little more hands on there is an option for you to add on a one on one automations consultation with me where I actually walk you through setting up Zapier, how to integrate it into your business, how to find the best automations and also how to figure out what all Zapier can integrate with and what other software's you should be using within your processes to save you time.

 So if that's something of interest to you, sign up here: 


I definitely recommend signing up early. It is limited to 20 students so that I can keep it small, intimate and answer everyone's questions. So if you want to be surrounded by like minded business owners and individuals, I believe that this will be a great opportunity for you.

I hope that you learned something valuable today and that you consider implementing automations into your business.

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