Virtual Automation’s Workshop


    Virtual Automation’s Workshop


    Event Information:

    • Date: TBD, you will have the opportunity to vote on 3 dates and times for the last week of February. Current date options and times include 02/18/2022, 02/22/2022, or 02/25/2022 at 6 pm CST or 7 pm CST.
    • The Video Playback: will be available 48 hours after the event.
    • The Interactive Activity: will be uploaded to a private google classroom you will be given logins for. 
    • The Event Platform: ZOOM. You will receive an invite to the zoom call 48 hours before the event and then again 8 hours before the event.
    • This event is LIMITED to (20) live students and (10) 1 on 1 private booking. The ticket sales will close once completely booked or 24 hours before the event.

    Your Event Options Include:

    Package 1 | Event Video Playback + Activity to walk you through the steps of using Zapier

    Package 2 | Live Event attendance + Playback Recording Of Live Event + Activity to walk you through the steps of using Zapier

    Package 3 | Live Event attendance + Playback + Activity + 101 to setup 3 automation's in a private session. The private session will last for 1.5 hours. We will spend 30 minutes brainstorming & identifying the automations you need & then create 3 of them to help you better understand how to use this program in your own business.


    As a small business owner, you have a million things to do to crush your goals. But as a one-person operation, there is only so much you can do to realistically avoid burnout and being fatigued.

    That's where learning how to implement automation's helps you prioritize efficiency, reduce your time commitment to behind-the-scenes responsibilities, and eliminates repetitive task from your day-to-day.

    One of the best automation assistants I've used is Zapier. But what is Zapier? What does it do? How can it positively impact your business?

    Firstly, Zapier is an automation tool that lets you easily create workflows that involve common web apps and services. Currently, Zapier integrates with over 4,000 tools common in business.

    25+ of These tools include:

    • Website: Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce + WordPress, Squarespace, Github
    • Social Media: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
    • Email Marketing & landing pages: Klaviyio, Convertkit, Powr, Mailchimp
    • Communications: Slack, Google workspace, Dubsado, Honeybook, Hubspot, Dropbox, Gmail
    • Accounting: Quickbook, Microsoft excel, Xero
    • Booking & Payments: Calendly, Stripe, Acuity, 
    • Content: RSS Feeds, WordPress, Youtube

    Through integrating with Zapier and the software you use, you can create "workflows / Zaps" to automatically fulfill the repetitive tasks. For example, you can automatically send invoices and contracts after a consultation, re-purpose Instagram posts into tweets for Twitter and Pins on Pinterest, as well as add new email contacts to segmented lists and email automations. Believe it or not, that's just the beginning of what this amazing software can do.

    But the best part is that through their free trial, you have the opportunity to see just how much Zapier can help you through task delegation and removing repetitive things from your schedule. With 10 Zaps completed, you can eliminate 1500 weekly tasks, giving you more free time to create content, attend events, raise brand awareness, and scale your business.

    With this virtual workshop, you will learn:

    • How Zapier works
    • How to integrate Zapier into your day today
    • How to setup ZAPS
    • How to identify ZAPS that you need
    • 5 easy zaps to get started
    • How to automate customer reviews and use social proof in your marketing
    • How to automate growing your email list, increasing youtube videos views & getting new email sign-ups daily.
    • You'll have an opportunity to request 1 zap example live to see how it should be set up and work.
    In less than 90 minutes, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create workflows that reduce your monthly responsibilities by the thousands. 


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