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This email training is beneficial for e-commerce brands becasue it teacher you how to create an email strategy, what your emails should look like, writing subject lines, and how to build email sequences to automate the process. Email marketing is a key step in an effective sales funnel. Without email, you miss the opportunity to nurture your audeince, build relationships, and eliminate friction when trying to generate sales. If you're a beginner or intermediate email marekter, you'll love this virtual course. Click the button to learn more about the instructor, dates, and ticket options.
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5 risky email Marketing mistakes you’re making [Plus, the secret solutions you need to fix them.]
Email marketing is used by 95% of professional marketers to connect with customers, promote repeat purchases and nurture email subscribers. With a great email marketing strategy, anyone can capitalize on the most affordable marketing channel. So, let’s review 5 email Marketing mistakes you’re making & how to fix them.
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The top 10 marketing strategies used by Savage X Fenty by Rihanna
In May of 2018, Rihanna shares Savage X Fenty with the world and it takes the lingerie industry by storm. In its 4 years of business, it has become a thriving enterprise. Currently, worth over $3 billion, it is a top competitor in the lingerie niche. With a top-notch digital marketing strategy, they have made it look effortless. So, let's analyze the Top 10 marketing strategies used by Savage X Fenty.
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What is email segmentation?
Email segmenting allows you to send personalized content that convinces readers to shop with you. Without segments, this is impossible and you’ll just be throwing money in the trash. So, let’s go over what email segmenting is and how you can use it to improve your email Marketing.
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How to get your first 4 figure client
Here, you'll learn the marketing tactics and strategies I used to grow my following and generate sales with higher quality leads. Everyone's journey is different, which is why I wanted to take the time to share mine with you and give you a new perspective.
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How to make $1,000 online consistently
In this video, I share the marketing tactics and strategies I used to grow my following, get people interested in my services and build a name for myself online.
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How to create and sell courses with Shopify for less than $100
Creating courses is a very lucrative form of passive income. However, it is time consuming and can be a pain to find the best LMS for you. Let me show you a super easy to use platform that I love to use.
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How to write tweets that sell
Learning proper copy-writing is KEY in your businesses monetary success on any social media platform, but especially with Twitter. As a communications app, language matters most here. So in this quick tutorial, I show you what to avoid, best practices and provide a list of recommendations to get started.
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Expert Interview: Content strategy & Creative Marketing
Joe Martin is an expert marketer who's worked with Adobe, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and is now the VP of Marketing and Content at Scorpion. Join us as we discuss all things marketing, campaign planning and creative concept development for small businesses. The live interview is held via Twitter Spaces 02/16/2022 at 3 pm CST.
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Marketing hacks: 7 strategies that work
If you struggled with marketing this year, you're not alone. While that may have been difficult, the wonderful news is that this is a skill you can learn when given the right tools & resources. Which is why i'm going to share 7 marketing hacks to help you do better in marketing and see the results you've dreamed of.
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Expert Interview: All Things SEO, Wix & E-commerce
In this weekly episode, I interview a guest SEO expert, Mordy Oberstein. Mordy is currently the Head of Communications at Semrush and an Advisory SEO Board Member for Wix. Previously, he led the SEO team for Wix and was the first point of contact for all things SEO with Wix. Needless to say, he is more than qualified to provide insight and advice to business owners in dozens of industries seeking assistance with SEO, Wix, E-commerce, Google, and content creation.
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Email Marketing: The untapped goldmine
In this replay of our weekly twitter space, I provided a detailed overview of email marketing basics. In this overview, I discuss email ethics, creating engaging subject lines, how to grow your email list and more.
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