Twitter marketing: 9 skills you need (+ resources to learn)

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Twitter marketing is more enjoyable once you learn the necessary skills.
Every social platform has etiquette rules & required skills with resources to learn & twitter is no different. While this is the most popular micro blogging social media platform & a gold mine for businesses of all sizes, it is also a communications app consumers use to learn about brand ethics, friendliness and customer service track record.

Everyday I meet business owners struggling to grow on twitter, but it’s usually only because they’re marketing wrong. Twitter is about connecting with your audience, not necessarily selling to them. Once you master this, it’ll become so clear what your sales funnel should look like.

The great news is that if you feel this confused, you are not alone. Since Twitter is the hardest platform to market on for many businesses and content creators, there are millions of users trying to capitalize on this platform. After marketing on twitter for 6 years, I came up with this idea to share some of what I've learned thus far just to help you get started!

In creating this short, I thought about the most best practices ive used and what’s made me the most money. One things for sure, it won’t happen overnight but when it does you’ll be ecstatic you stuck with it.

Learning these skills can help you create better content, exciting offers, and optimized profile & more. So, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned to help you on your way to the top.

Sidenote: All of the tips below won’t apply to you, but you can learn in the Content Marketing Guide I published. Download it for $5 using sezzle or Shop pay.

New skills to learn or enhance

There are plenty of things that you will need to learn how to do that you are 100% new to. And that is perfectly okay! We will not be an expert at everything and at the very least, you can always hire someone. 

But, if you are a DIY person like me, then check out these 9 tips for skills to learn to enhance your social media marketing:

  1. How to promote indirectly, create content that doesn't feel like you're trying to sell something all of the time.
  2. Learn copy-writing - the art of creating sales text that incites emotions and urgency to buy.
  3. Learn that marketing is an art, make it creative and unique to your brand. You don't have to copy anyone else.
  4. How to write strong CTAs - it is NOT enough to say SHOP NOW, that doesn't tell me the benefits of why I should. Be more specific, what will the results be if they shop now?
  5. How to make graphics, try using Art Board studio, canva, and learning simple design can take you a long way.
  6. Learn how to make and edit simple videos. You can easily re-purpose tiktok content into twitter content.
  7. How to blog effectively, Specifically learn formatting, headline writing, promoting offers, best posting times etc.
  8. Learn how to engage an audience, you can't always ask for the sale directly. It can be a turn off and make people not want to buy, even if they are interested.
  9. Learn how to drive traffic to your website, even without going viral. Consistent traffic is possible with consistently useful content.
  10. Learn SEO - Search engine optimization, so you don't have to spend so much time on social media.

Where can you learn how to do these things:

  1. Udemy
  2. HubSpot academy
  3. Edex
  4. Google resources 
  5. Facebook
  6. Buffer
  7. Twitter
  8. Skillshare
  9. Shopify academy
  10. Alison
  11. YouTube
  12. Adobe resources
  13. Affinity designer
  14. Lynda

In my next article, I’m going to share 13 marketing mindset tips to make Twitter marketing easier. Every article in this twitter marketing series is an extension of a master article, Inbound Marketing With Twitter: 99 tips for success.

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