“I’m scared” is stopping you from being GREAT!

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I want to take the time to share something from my heart as a business owner of 5 years. 

Every time people tell me they want to start businesses but they don’t and I ask them why, they say “I’m scared”. What I think they really mean is to finish this sentence by saying “I’m scared to believe in myself”. 

Well baby, I have news for you.

My journey for believing in myself has been an emotional and mental rollercoaster. In part because I felt like I didn't have the power to do this and the other half stems from the world making me feel like I shouldn't. I feel like I was made to think there was nothing special about me, so nothing I ever did would be significant. 

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Somewhere along the way though, I stopped caring about these feelings and intrusive thoughts. I made the decision to get up everyday and work as hard as I could, for as long as I could because I was tired of what the world told me I could be. They boxed me in and I fought tooth and nail to claw my way out and find myself. 

Through therapy, I've found healing.

Through my creativity, I've found inspiration.

Through helping others, I've found my will to hold on and keep going.

Through making mistakes, I found my freedom.

Through letting go of my trauma, I found the will to stop lying about who I am and embrace who I was meant to be.

Sometimes I still feel lost or like I don't know what I'm doing or why. Some Days it’s hard to admit how coming from a disadvantaged background crushes me to my soul. But other days, this is the gasoline I throw into my internal fire that keeps me going, motivated, focused and disciplined.

There has never been a point in time where what I do or what I want to accomplish has or will be easy. There will never be a point in time where I don't cry to release from the stress and burdens I carry to break generational curses.


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These curses i’ve broken are miles long in lists, but the most significant to me are those which inspire others to break their own. Nobody ever said it would be easy because they were too busy telling me it was impossible. Something I realize now that I wish I knew before was that they're just projecting their own fears onto me. I can build my dream 1000 times over, but first I have to identify it.

So, here’s my dream:

  • To be happy unconditionally, even when the unexpected comes my way.
  • To be loved unconditionally, love without limits, crazy expectations and wrapped in forgiveness and patience from my customers, spouse, family and friends.
  • To build something so beautiful that when I am ready to build a long term team, they will find me and they will bring me things i didn't know were possible.
  • To believe in myself so much that being told “no” could never discourage me.
  • To write and be so vulnerable in every piece that you can feel the passion in my text and read from my perspective.

Taking this entrepreneurial journey doesn’t make me fearless, it makes me resilient for ignoring my fears and pushing myself to unimaginable limits. As I grow and my dreams become bigger, I start to realize that the sky can never be the limit in an ever expanding universe.

My greatness will have no limits & remembering this keeps me going.

My talents are invaluable, they deserve to be believed in, even if only by one person in a world with 8 billion people.

Even though I was broke when I started and only started with $200 in 2017, it was the best decision I ever made and if I could do it all over again - I would, without hesitation.

This journey has provided me with things i’ve never had before:

  • Random vacations all over the United States & finally booking my first international trip for 2022.
  • Financial freedom, not struggling to pay bills, make ends meet or having to choose between food and healthcare.
  • The space to have a real love life on my own terms.
  • The freedom of time. Since this is my most valuable non-renewable resource, it’s been the number 1 motivator for me.
  • My health and sanity, I now have the money and time for preventative care that helps me preserve my youth, my health and my spirit.

So if you’re thinking about starting but you don’t believe in yourself, I hope by now you see that you should start anyway. It could blossom into something so beautiful, even your imagination couldn’t foresee it.

The perfect time to start is right now, tomorrow is too late.

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