Living Wages + Our Commitment to Life Quality

We are committed to making a change in our community, which is why we have developed a strategy to ensure every single team member is paid a fair and livable wage over the next five years. 

To start, we looked at what the cost of living is for our area. With the average rent being $770, we have committed to ensuring each employee starts with a training pay of $13 an hour, and after successful 90-day training, they will receive a raise up to $15-$17 an hour. 

Within the next five years, our goal is to start each new team member at $17 an hour for training and $22 an hour for full-time. By 2023, we also plan to implement healthcare, paid maternity leave, and an annual company vacation + annual bonuses.

Staff Treatment & Working Environment

We treat our staff like the responsible adults we know by giving them ample space and time to work on their personal lives. We do this by granting them multiple mental health days monthly, menstrual leave, and working from home as often as they'd like to. Moreover, we pride ourselves on having an outstanding work-life balance with only working four days a week and having all weekends and holidays off. 

Mental Health 

Through our up-and-coming "Black Therapy Fund" program, our goal for 2022 is to send 100 Black people to therapy for at least three months in America. To help break the stigma of what therapy means in the Black community, we are trying to make therapy more accessible and host events centered around Black mental health.

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