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Established in 2017, Touched By Ty started as a blog about our founders' (Ty) college experience. In launching, this became Ty's outlet from the stresses of academia and a great way to connect with like-minded individuals. As the blog and the online community grew, Ty was driven to turn this into much more than a blogging hobby.

So, in 2018, Ty launched a service portion of the company and began offering ghostwriting, copywriting, and career building services. We dominated this industry for three years, garnered over 500+ happy clients, and helped secure over $1 Million in salary raises, pay negotiations, and new job placements. Although this was fruitful and a wonderful experience, Ty was ready to move forward with being more creative and artistic in the business's endeavors. 

Thus, the Custom Printshop was born amid a global pandemic in July of 2021. To date, we have supplied brands with custom design and graphic service with custom scented prints to match. Adding a competitive edge to business meant to offer things that boosted brand authority, engaged our customers into sensory branding, and helped small business owners tap into new markets creatively.

Our company has grown tremendously through our custom print shop, and we've since secured a warehouse, onboarded two full-time production assistants, and look to open our first retail store within the next 2-3 years, if not sooner.

Our Customer guarantees include:

  • Ensuring each customer has a unique experience while working with us.
  • We NEVER give away your custom designs, so you will forever be the only brand with your unique concept.
  • Our scents can last up to 6 months in our provided packaging, so you do not have to rush through them.

With the initial underlying goal to touch lives in a way that not only alters people's current state but their future as well - Ty created a fantastic concept from a vision and a dream. In doing so, we've grown into a family-owned and operated commercial print company equipped with the tools and expertise to offer you the highest quality prints possible. 

Touched by Ty is built on the founding belief that clients not only deserve high-quality service but that they also deserve to experience life and business-changing services.

We promise that we will ALWAYS address your concerns promptly and pursue a solution until we've met one that you're 100% satisfied with.

To learn more about what we believe, our founders, or our services use the following link directory for your convenience. 

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