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Tyllah-Chanel | Touched By Ty Founder

Tyllah-Chanel, most commonly known as "Ty," is a highly ambitious business owner and pursuant of many endeavors. To Date, Ty is a self-published author, publish speaker, workshop host, and artist.

Ty's first love for writing and art was established during childhood. Prioritizing creative arts for nearly over ten years has provided Ty with her foundation for creative arts. When considering Ty's artistic specialties, vector graphic design would be the most impactful to date.

This love of art led Ty to self-teach digital graphic design and master multiple types of software and equipment. During this time, Ty also learned how to design websites, building sales funnels, and the logistical side of running a small business from 5+ years of professional corporate sales experience.

Although Ty comes from a disadvantaged background, she never lets her past hold her back from greatness. Instead, she uses this as fuel for her passion for changing, healing, and moving forward to crush her goals and find happiness. As an advocate for mental health, Ty prioritizes helping others see the value by producing cognitive health-related content and assisting others to go to therapy through the new "Black Therapy Fund" coming in 2022. As one of many recent community-building efforts coming from Ty's passion for making change, she hopes this acts as a community catalyst.

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