Freebies For Small Businesses

Hi, as your official Marketing Bully, I feel obliged to make resources that help you crush your goals and stay on track to build the business you want.


To make sure this happens, I've created resources to help you create content, create a marketing strategy, grow your email list and more. So, feel free to browse around and take anything you find helpful.


- The Marketing Bully

Newest Free Guides!

In this 21-page gem PACKED TikTok Marketing Guide, I share everything I've learned after publishing 650+ videos, generating over 1 million views and several thousand dollars in sales. Download it today to begin growing your email list using video content.

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This 20-page guide is packed with nonstop gems that any small business owner in any niche can use to begin their content marketing journey on Twitter. This 100% Free Twitter Marketing Guide email marketing guide shares dozens of super valuable tips for helping you understand how to make more creative and higher-quality content that boost engagement and grows your following. 

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The Newest Content Guide Freebies

25 FREE Content Ideas

The ideas shared on each content list are completely different & the same applies to this list. These content ideas provide general concepts any brand can use to refresh their page and get viewers re-engaged.


10 Makeup Content Ideas

As a makeup creative, it can feel overwhelming trying to stay up to date on everything. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is ride your own wave and create things you enjoy. With these 10 ideas, you'll have the tools to educate your audience, build trust, and develop a real influence.


7 Skincare Content Ideas

Doing skincare means you have thousands of competitors + random information from non-experts on social media. With these ideas, you'll get a better idea of how to stand out even with competitors and how to turn misinformation into valuable content for your audience.


10 Fitness Content Ideas

Fitness creators have adapted to the disruption of gym culture due to quarantine and social distancing. With people staying home more and working from home, it's more important than ever to create content that's relevant and realistic for them. These ideas help you do this & keep their attention.


13 Food Content Ideas

As a foodie, you can do significantly more than share your own recipes and you should. Doing this helps you build trust and authority, plus it gives you a chance to share your personality. These content ideas help you do this and more.


8 Graphic Designer Content Ideas

Succeeding as a graphic designer online requires more than being a great artist. You have to show that you understand the legal side, communications, and customer sales psychology. By doing this, you build trust with much more ease.


10 Ideas for Marketing Providers

As a service provider, you may not have physical products to promote. Much of what you offer, is promoted through screenshots and customer reviews. But, you can get more creative than this and educate to build trust, here's how!

Resources for Marketing

How to get 5,000 twitter followers

If you have less than 5,000 twitter followers, this should be a priority for you. While having millions of followers to make money isn't necessary, you need a small community.


Marketing Budget Activity

Proper goal & budget setting is the foundation for any marketing campaign. By skipping this vital step, you're putting your brand at a disadvantage. 


7 days of Marketing

7 days of marketing was my 2021 Christmas gift to you. Everyday I dropped a new resource, freebie, or expert interview to help with marketing and strategy development. I even cover SEO in detail. Happy belated holidays, it's time to get to work & develop a new strategy.


How to write e-mails that sell

Email Marketing is very lucrative, but only when dope right.You need to know what to send to the right person, at the right time, with the right call to action for it to make sense. This resource can help you start the process to figure out your strategy.


Content Utility Checklist

This resource introduces you to content utility, which teaches you how to use one piece of content in 70 ways. Instead of trying to make as much content as possible, I want to show you how to repurpose what you already have to make life easier.


SMART Goals Activity

Proper goal setting is the foundation for any business. By learning how to set SMART goals, you will get an understanding of what metrics to focus on, how to identify data integral to your growth and you need this for everything longterm.

Additional Resources

Resource List

I dropped a resource list with 15 tools including books, blogs, videos, infographics etc. that helped me with SEO, Google ads, Email marketing, blogging & improving my brand in 2021.


How to implement what You’re learning

I wanted to make sure I walk you through how to actually implement all the cool thing's I teach you. Sometimes, we're learning so many things that we neglect implementing, let's change that.


72 hours of automations

Burnout and depression go together in business, unfortunately. In many areas, as high as 65% of business owners are burned out, depressed and isolated feeling defeated and often like a failure. Automations can help overcome this.


Creating Email Segments (Crash Course)

in this quick crash course, I review what email segments are and how to use them to create email content. Segments empower you to create content so personalized it's unforgettable, impactful & converts. 

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Email Marketing Check List

Email marketing is a multistep process. So understandably, it is easy to skip steps. Unfortunately, this lowers your open rate, click thru rate and conversions. To help combat that, we created a simple checklist that ensures you never forget something again!

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Steal my 5 week email strategy + claim a 5 week email planner

Sending email campaigns is one of the last steps in email marketing. Before you ever send a campaign, you need a strategy. If you don't know how to make one, then this freebie was made with you and your business in mind.

Steal strategy & Planner

Email Marketing Strategy Guide

This email marketing strategy breaks down the 6 steps you should take when creating an effective email marketing strategy. Plus, you get notes on what to include at different steps and are connected with additional email marketing tools and resources to help you get started.

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How to increase email open rates

With this guide, you'll learn the 4 factors impacting your email open rate. You'll be guided on how to improve each, given a few video tutorials, a checklist, and access to a list of resources that further assist you. Plus, I identify 24 words to avoid & 24 power words to abuse in your writing!

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Website Pop Up Check List

With this checklist you'll walk away understanding what needs to be done before and after you publish a pop up. You'll also attain knowledge on email pop up design, workflow planning and email design elements for an unforgettable customer experience. Eliminate the guess work today!

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