What is Zapier? (+5 resources to automate your small business)

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Since you’re reading this article, you are likely looking for methods to reduce your workload, eliminate stress and cut back on the repetitive tasks you do daily. You’re also looking to do this without outsourcing to remain affordable.

This is where Zapier Comes in at. Zapier is an automation's tool that helps you to create workflows and integrate over 4,000 web based tools you love to use. By creating these workflows, you establish “zaps” and “connections” that occur when triggers are recorded in your native automation software.

While Zapier cannot replace things like convertkit, klaviyo or honeybook, it can eliminate the need to publish all of your social media content to different platforms, the hassle of remembering to create pins for pinterest, sending invoices, sending contracts, customer correspondence updates and more.

Zapier is your one stop shop as a small business for unlimited assistance on a budget. This is one of the best ways to automate a workflow with minimal stress. You can easily automate the posting of your blog post and all RSS feed updates to Twitter and Facebook, making it easier to be present everywhere online.

Just with 20 zaps / automation's setup, you can learn to eliminate 1,000+ weekly tasks, allowing you to do 4,000 repetitive tasks significantly. This will give you the time and freedom you need to market, create content, nurture your audience and increase sales revenue. You can also change and edit your zaps at anytime with the Zap Editor, this makes setting them up flexible and easy to manage as your demand grows.

To learn more about Zapier and how to integrate the tool into your business, there are 5 top resources I highly recommend.

By using these resources, you will learn about everything the software can do, its limitations, receive video tutorials and more. By the end of using each of these resources, you’ll be a Zapier expert ready to eliminate stress and increase opportunities for rest.

Top 5 resources to learn:

Virtual Automations and Zapier Workshop

As a small business owner, you have a million things to do to crush your goals. But as a one person operation, there is only so much you can do to realistically avoid burn out and being fatigued.

That's where learning how to implement automation helps you prioritize efficiency, reduce your time commitment to behind the scenes responsibilities and eliminate repetitive tasks from your day to day.

One of the best automation assistants I've used is Zapier. But what is Zapier? What does it do? How can it positively impact your business?

Firstly, Zapier is an automation tool that lets you easily create workflows that involve common web apps and services. Currently, Zapier integrates with over 4,000 tools common in business. 

25+ of These tools include:

  • Website: Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce + Wordpress, Squarespace, Github
  • Social Media: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Email Marketing & landing pages: Klaviyio, Convertkit, Powr, Mailchimp
  • Communications: Slack, Google workspace, Dubsado, Honeybook, Hubspot, Dropbox, Gmail
  • Accounting: Quickbook, microsoft excel, Xero
  • Booking & Payments: Calendly, Stripe, Acuity, 
  • Content: RSS Feeds, Wordpress, Youtube

Through integrating with Zapier and the software you use, you can create "workflows / Zaps' ' to automatically fulfill repetitive tasks.

For example, you can automatically send invoices and contracts after a consultation, re-purpose Instagram post into tweets for Twitter and Pins on Pinterest, as well as add new email contacts to segmented list and email automation. Believe it or not, that's just the beginning of what this amazing software can do.

But the best part is that through their free trial, you have the opportunity to see just how much Zapier can help you through task delegation  and removing repetitive things from your schedule.

With 10 Zaps completed, you can eliminate 1500 weekly tasks, giving you more free time to create content, attend events, raise brand awareness, and scale your business.

With this virtual workshop, you will learn:

  • How Zapier works
  • How to integrate Zapier into your day to day
  • How to setup ZAPS
  • How to identify ZAPS that you need
  • 5 easy zaps to get started
  • How to automate customer reviews and use social proof in your marketing
  • How to automate growing your email list, increasing youtube videos views & getting new email sign ups daily.
  • You'll have an opportunity to request 1 zap example live to see how it should be setup and work.

In less than 90 minutes, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create workflows that reduce your monthly responsibilities by the thousands. 


If you’re not ready to sign up just yet, that’s perfectly fine. You’ll enjoy the next resource, which will show you how to automatically turn your IG feed post into Pins on Pinterest.

How to turn IG post into Pins

When you initially begin using Zapier, it can feel very confusing to understand what's happening, how it happens, how it works and how you know if it worked.

I completely understand your frustrations, which is why I created a freebie to help you work through this and provide the steps to create one of my favorite automation’s. 

Benefits of this Zap:

  • Pinterest is a resource for small businesses by generating free targeted traffic to your site. Tapping into this passively can be a great way to increase your online real estate.
  • If you’re already using pinterest, this can reduce the amount of time you spend creating pins.
  • Having this done for your automatically, means that you can be visible on pinterest - even when you forget to upload new pins.
  • The pinterest algorithm rewards boards that are updated frequently, so this increases your chance of being pushed organically in the search results algorithm.

So, if you want to be walked through setting up a useful zap that can help your business immediately, download your freebie!

Download Your Freebie Here

Let’s review the next best resource: Zapier’s Youtube Channel.


Zapier Youtube Channel

If you consider yourself a visual learner, then you’ll love to know that Zapier has a youtube channel with tutorials. They can show you how to setup your account, connect your tools and create an automation.

Some of the most helpful content here is created specifically for beginners to understand the power of this zapier and what automations can do for your business.  I highly recommend starting here if you need help understanding how exactly Zapier can add value to your small business.

Next to their youtube channel, the second best thing they’ve done is create a learning center with additional free tools and resources.

Open Zapier Youtube



The Zapier Learning center

Within the Zapier Learning center, they provide free resources that teach you what automation's are, how they work, and the best software's to connect them with.

Considering Zapier integrates with over 4,000 tools and resources you use every single day, it can be intimidating to actually get started.

With the Zapier Learning Center, it eliminates the guesswork out of trying to figure out where to start, what’s needed and how automation's can help alleviate many of the problems you are experiencing in your business. 

Check Out The Resource Learning Center


Talk to Tyllah Podcast

The last free resource i’m referencing here would be our podcast, Talk To Tyllah, which is a direct extension of this blog. Everything valuable here, is expanded upon in detail there.

Additionally, to go with #72hoursofmarketing, I am including new podcast episodes and audio tutorials that walk you through how to create automations and figure out what works best for you.

Listen To Talk To Tyllah Podcast

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