Monetizing your transferable skills: Freelancing for beginners

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Somewhere along the way in my entrepreneurial journey, I forgot what it was like to start at the very beginning. I forgot what it felt like to see content online about how to make money online and the empty feeling from not figuring it out.

To my surprise, I also forgot what it felt like to feel lost, hate my job, and dream of a better tomorrow.

In part, this is why I've decided to get back in touch with this reality, because it, unfortunately, is still a reality for the majority of people. While we have seen a boom in online entrepreneurship in the last 5 years, there is still so much more for everyone to learn about obtaining online success and maintaining it.

So with this in mind, I'd love to share with you how I built my online brand, my humble beginnings, and the lessons I learned as a freelancer.

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My humble beginnings

In 2017, I launched my “PreMed-BlackMed” blog, where I shared my experiences as a premed college student studying biology. While my audience started off small, it grew fairly quickly through twitter. I remember the day i went from 300 to 700 followers and then again 2 weeks later when i went from 700 to 1200 followers on twitter. 

Up until this point, I never had an online community, nor did I understand the significance of content nurture marketing.

However, these spurts of growth taught me three things:

  1. People love when they’re being educated in a friendly tone by their peers.
  2. Knowledge is a powerful tool that can be monetized.
  3. The art of creating content can empower my brand and allows me to find out what I really love to do.


Side note: be sure to also check out our Freelancer Workshop where we reviewed transferable skills & how to monetize them before leaving our platform today! 

Now, although this blog only lasted 8 months because I left school, I did keep my audience and they loved my content, blogging style, and outlook on life. So, I decided to try and transition my brand into a service based business. 

This transition is what led to launching Touched By Ty, which initially offered ghost writing and resume writing. 

When I first started offering services in May of 2018, it was slow - I can't deny this. However, I was excited about the endless possibilities, so I refused to give up. 

To help build excitement with my audience, I announced a giveaway for 5 services and oh boy did the inquiries start pouring in once this giveaway was completed. 

My Strategy:

  1. I announced a giveaway to my audience of 2500 followers where 5 lucky people could win an ultimate resume makeover.
  2. The rules: Tag 3 friends, share the giveaway, and agree to promo the service at the end using out #Touchedbyty hashtag.
  3. Once the services were completed, I got testimonials from each winner and added them to my website with a link to the service they received and their final product.

The Results:

  1. I made my first $500 with this new business and it was at this moment that I knew I was heading in the right direction.
  2. I grew my following by 500 people and officially garnered 3,000 social media followers.
  3. I began connecting with people offline, which meant I was establishing genuine relationships on and offline.

My Social Media Strategy

Now, I couldn't host a giveaway every month, but I could keep creating educational content related to my services and add in some relatable comedic content and memes along the way - and this strategy worked. 

So, I came up with a 60 / 20 / 10 / 10 content strategy:

  • 60% = educational & informational insight into industry practices, DIY tips, and self improvement strategies for career and writing development.
  • 20%  = relatable information, comedy, memes and transparency about my progress as a new micro business owner.
  • 10% = surveying my audience and asking them what they’d like to see, what could help them better their own lives.
  • 10% = sharing my work with before and after photos, client testimonials, and the BTS of building my brand.

Side note: be sure to also check out our Freelancer Workshop where we reviewed transferable skills & how to monetize them before leaving our platform today!

Today, this strategy has garnered me 13,000+ followers on twitter - which is my main platform for content marketing. Currently, I have about 50,000 monthly profile visits, over 5 million impressions monthly and at least 3-5 viral posts a month which translates into consistent 5 figure sales months 4 years later. My strategy didn’t change, just what I posted, when I posted it and the tools I used to post it.

Admittedly, freelancing this way is significantly easier when you already have a small following. But hey, if I had an audience of 2,500 when I started, I believe that’s a very attainable goal if you’re creating content consistently, building relationships and networking on and offline daily. 

It was not easy starting with no resources, no team, and a small niche audience that I slowly transitioned into buying customers - but it was 100% worth it to be an established warehouse owner 5 years later.

Now that I've shown you how I started and what I did to get clients, let’s go over some things you could offer as a freelancer.

Transferable skills you can monetize

Common Transferable skills 

Services to offer

Data Entry

Template creation
Quick books data entry
Dubsado data entry
Excel sheets
Microsoft office


    Computer file organization
    Ipad file organization
    Email organization & cleaning
    Office organization (not cleaning, but organizing filing systems for management)


      Finding manufactures
      Identifying target markets
      Competitor analysis
      Industry trends reporting

        Time management

        Schedule development
        Personal assisting
        Calendar management
        Meeting manager

          Tech troubleshooting

          Website maintenance
          Software maintenance
          Physical equipment maintenance

            Career building

            Resume and cover letter writing
            Career coaching
            Interview coaching


              Physical sports coaching
              Sports coaching consulting
              Business coaching
              Business mentorship


                ASL translating
                Document translation


                  Mobile app development
                  Website development
                  WordPress editing

                    Graphic design 

                    Social media templates
                    IG highlights
                    Email banners & graphics
                    Advertising graphics

                      Adobe software suite

                      Everything in graphic design
                      Product mock-ups
                      Product packaging design
                      Video editing
                      Youtube intros & outros

                        Web development & design

                        Shopify development
                        Wix design
                        WordPress development
                        Square space
                        E-commerce setup

                          Strategy development (dependent upon additional professional experience)

                          Marketing strategies
                          Branding strategies
                          Business structure strategies
                          Hiring strategies
                          Social media strategies

                            Presentation development

                            Power points
                            Sales pitches
                            Media Kits

                              Project management

                              Software management
                              Project updates
                              Team member assignments
                              Project flow management

                                Customer Service

                                CSR Audits
                                CSR surveys
                                CSR strategy development

                                  Now that I've given you some tools and insights on how to start and what to offer, consider checking out the playback of the webinar for freelancing and how to monetize your transferable skills. 

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                                  In closing, thank you for reading with us today. Be sure to comment down below to let us know your thoughts and what else you’d like for us to go more in-depth on. We absolutely love creating valuable content for you guys, so we appreciate knowing when you love the content we create for you. 

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