Demetrius Harmon: From Content Creator to Brand Owner

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'MeechOnMars' is a widely recognized name in the user-generated video content league of internet entertainment. From surviving the total shut down of his main social media platform, to features with Brother Nature, Demetrius Harmon (MeechOnMars) has followed a specific path that elevated him from a content creator to being a brand owner. And, his face is a brand in and of itself! Every content creator's dream, right?

Starting from the ground up can seem intimidating, but success stories like Demetrius' are a testament to the proverb that humble beginnings are not to be despised, and that amazing things can happen if we are consistent. Demetrius applied 4 simple principles, and we can all build platforms we can eat off of, too, if we apply them effectively! 


1. Maximized Every Platform

Beginning as a small Vine creator, Demetrius took full advantage of every opportunity to maximize exposure through secondary platforms like YouTube and Tumblr.

He became widely known as a consistent 'Viner' widely celebrated for his hilarious but relatable content. Being proactive and maximizing his mediums empowered Demetrius to be one of the few popular Vine creators to successfully transition once Vine was shutdown.

As a content creator (whether video, written, photos), you NEVER want your bread and butter to be housed solely on one platform. While managing many different accounts may feel daunting, it'll save you heartache should your primary account or platform crash, get deleted, or get hacked.


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2. Remained On-Brand

A significant portion of Demetrius' success is owed to his ability to maintain his image, voice, and style when delivering content. While small things did change (like video length when we transitioned to YouTube), Demetrius remained the relatable, down-to-earth person his fans knew him as.

His following amassed thanks to the continual meeting of audience expectations for consistent content that never fell short or over-extended beyond what his fans were accustomed to seeing.

Don't try to get too fancy when you hit a growth spurt. The audience you've nurtured does not want to feel like you're starting to focus on a different audience now that you've grown more. 'Selling out', chasing clout, and abandoning your original voice and motive is a recipe to destroy your brand before you even create it, i.e Kanye West, Daniel Caesar.


3. Prioritized His Fans

Demetrius Harmon's audience widely recognized him as a mental health advocate who frequently utilized his platform to uplift his fans, spread positivity, and use his platform to tell others' stories. Through raising needed awareness, Demetrius birthed his brand: 'You Matter'.

Starting as a sticky note to himself while battling suicidal thoughts, "You Matter" set up Demetrius's previously established small brand for instand expansion.

When your prioritize your audience and target market, it won't be hard to see it in your fruits. They'll naturally gravitate towards your message, engage with your content, and openly support you because they feel seen, heard, and ultimately important. As you turn your content into a brand through consistency, authenticity, and products, don't neglect to feed your target market's need to feel valued and considered!


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4. Collaborated

Demetrius was able to expand beyond 'MeechOnMars' through collaborating with other famous Vine stars and ultimately larger video content creators like DopeIsland and Brother Nature, resulting in increased exposure.

As he gained more traction, amassing well over 20 million all-time views, more people grew to recognize, love, and widely support his mental health awareness brand, You Matter. Many of his fans represented the humble and minimalistic aesthetic with his branded hoodies, with the likes of Yarah Shahidi and QueenQuen joining his league of open supporters. From here, Demetrius has only seen more and more success, offering lectures and even delivering a monumental speech at the University of Michigan.

Never be afraid to work with others in your league, no matter the size of their following or platform. Be secure enough in your own light to stick to 'you', even when you're standing next to another star. You never know when being in front of someone else's audience could equal your big break! 


Turning your platform into a legitimate brand may not be easy, but nothing can stop you when you're consistent, when you network with purpose, and when you're authentic above all things. Most of all, when you love what you do, your passion bleeds through your work, and that contagion will make your audience stick.

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