Introduction: New Daily Episodes Coming Soon


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Tyllah Hampton 

Hey, business besties How y'all doing? Happy New Year. I'm so excited to bring y'all into the new year, I have so many exciting things coming with this podcast.

The first thing and the most exciting thing that I do want to tell you guys is that soon, I'm going to start dropping podcast episodes every single day.

These podcast episodes are going to be anywhere from four to 10 minutes long, I'm going to share tips about marketing, creating content, social media, branding business, and do short storytelling to allow you guys to get to know me as a business owner and a person a little more.

So, we are going to laugh together with my craft a little bit. And we're going to grow our businesses and brands together. That is my promise to you guys this year. So if this is something that you are looking forward to, I hope to see you here every morning at 8am.

The drop date for these new episodes is going to be coming soon. We're going to start with 30 days. And if you guys show up every day for those 30 days and you love this content, then I'm going to make sure that this is something that I stick to all year, all 2022 That's going to be my promise to you.

So business besties, we're gonna kick the year off on a good foot by making sure that I show up for y'all everyday to inspire and motivate you to show up everyday too.

So let's go ahead and have a killer January. I look forward to seeing you guys this upcoming week on Wednesday, and every single Wednesday in our weekly Twitter spaces.

And once I start dropping this content every day, I look forward to seeing y'all there too. So if you do love the upcoming content, just make sure you donate to my Creator fund so that I can keep this podcast free forever.

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