Cricut Virtual Workshop Overview (July 2021)

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Learning Cricut is one of the best things I’ve done creatively. But, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also one of the hardest, for several reasons. First, majority of the video content online about Cricut is 2-5 years old. Cricut is actively creating new updates monthly and just released 3 new machines in 2021 (the maker 3, explorer 3 & mug maker). 

The available content just isn’t keeping up with the changing and growing industry.

This shortage in straight to the point content has shown me just how much simple information is missing and no longer readily available. So, with our first virtual Cricut workshop this month, we went in-depth about Cricut, Cricut design space and the business side of it.

Here’s an overview of how the workshop went

  • Cricut design space Basics
    • Cost
    • Devices for accessibility? 
    • What can this software do?
    • Software limitations?
    • How to use this software? 
    • Cutting 
    • Drawing
    • Scoring
    • Print then cut
  • Alternative design software
    • Affinity Designer 
    • Canva
  • Cricut Air explorer 2 project + overview
    • About this machine
    • Project: Thank you card
    • Materials (list of what’s needed in the google classroom)
    • Time commitment: 15 minutes 
  • Cricut Maker Project + Overview
    • About this machine
    • Project: Birthday card
    • Materials (list of what’s needed in the google classroom) 
    • Time commitment: 20 minutes
  • The main differences between each cricut
    • Material cutting abilities
    • Speed
    • Noise
    • Alignment & calibration issues
    • Longevity
  • How to monetize these skills and produce a new stream of income
    • Services you could offer
    • Time management
    • Cheaper materials
    • Website or etsy?
    • Using social media?

If this sounds of value to you but you missed the workshop, we have great news for you. You can now gain access to this workshop for $59.99, the project files, the private google classroom, the workshop video & Q&A, and the 15+ 3-10 minute video tutorial videos created about the machines and projects.

Get access here

You can also add on a private 15 minute Cricut design Q&A for a Thursday afternoon (1 pm - 4 pm CST, first come first serve) with Ty for $20. This offer will end September 30, 2021, however the workshop will still be available.

Add a consultation 

Once you make it to the last module, you’ll find real value in the content workbook for marketing, advertising & growing an online community. You can grab your copy here.

Grab the Interactive Content Workbook 

If you have any questions, remember we’re always happy to help in anyway we can and if you’re not ready to invest, we always share tips and trucks for free ❤️.

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