40 Content Segment Ideas

It's probably safe to assume you've been inside Wal-Mart (or Target if you're classy)... You easily notice the departments, right? 

And because the departments are so easily recognizable, you know exactly where to go, don't you?

When you are in search of a new toaster, you know which path to take.

When it's time to find a nice card for your grandpa's birthday, the aisle for cards isn't a mystery. 

We are more inclined to buy what we need when we don't have to spend thirty minutes searching for it and, as humans, we love consistency. Consistency means familiarity. Familiarity means a loyal client.

Not only do we know our favorite store has baby socks, we know what section they're in, the range of sizes that are always in stock, and the styles we expect to see on the shelf.

This is what segmenting does for your content: customizes your client-experience and keeps things clear.

No matter what industry you're in, segmenting your content and business means:

  • establishing authority
  • diversifying client/audience options
  • pinpointing your target audience
  • standing out from your competition with one-of-a-kind features

Furthermore, segmenting can be arranged and packaged in infinite combinations. This means categorizing your content by week-day, demographic, theme, product, or even storylines is conducive to making the conversion process a lot more simple.

I AM ELOHO, one of YouTube's quickest sprouting creators, segmented her beauty content and was able to quickly amass the numbers some creators only see after years of building a platform.

Her slogan, "The looks, the facts, and the tea" has always been sufficient for her target audience to know exactly why they need her on their screens. As a beauty content creator, Eloho saw an opportunity to stand out and implemented a rigid schedule alongside her segments: style, controversy, and social commentary.

Be the Wal-Mart of your industry (minus the...customer service). You don't have to offer EVERYTHING, but you do need to be clear, customizable, and authentic. 

Departmentalizing your brand means attracting clients with no confusion about their needs.

A great example would be if you were in the food industry, particularly as a food travel blogger/vlogger. What are some perfect segment ideas? 

Weekly food touring tips + restaurant recommendations and reviews for travelers.

The consumers of this content know what to expect from you, and would think a random video of you endorsing your favorite problematic politician is not only off brand and of an entirely separate industry, but it's simply confusing.

Segmenting says with clarity, "This is what I offer. These are my specialties. This is what you will get from me."

How will you make it easy for your audience to find you? How will you make it easy for them to stay?

40 Content Segment Ideas:


  1. A weekly makeup look
  2. Skin care
  3. Inspired looks
  4. Style ideas by season
  5. Hacks, Tips, Dupes, and DIY Tricks


  1. Friday Fitspiration (before and after, testimonials, etc)
  2. Meal Prep Monday
  3. Five Minute Workouts
  4. Favorites, New Equipment, or Must-Haves
  5. Daily, weekly, monthly challenge(s)


  1. Monthly product reviews
  2. Mom hacks
  3. Outing vlogs or story-times
  4. Family psychology tips
  5. Homeschool, educational, or supplemental material


  1. Weekly top 10 tools
  2. Miniature courses
  3. Industry specific trend updates
  4. Pitch and presentation boot camps
  5. Advertisement do's and don'ts 


  1. Members only discount insights
  2. Pre-made touring itineraries
  3. Honeymoon destination travel
  4. Luggage, baggage, and packing tips/must-haves
  5. Culture exchange galleries


  1. Easy finance for entrepreneurs
  2. Negotiation
  3. Investment for beginners
  4. Tax preparation or credit repair resources
  5. Side hustle opportunities 


  1. Fine dining at home ideas
  2. Inspired recipes
  3. Wine pairing
  4. Budget cooking
  5. Survivalist style hunting and/or cooking styles


  1. Consulting website tips
  2. Marketing and upselling packages 
  3. Weekly course package and branding templates
  4. Networking workshops
  5. Project management and organization templates


These are all simple yet clearly defined categories in which your client will find comfort without ambiguity as to what it is you're offering. No matter your industry, your audience needs to see, before ever interacting with your content, exactly what you'll be providing.

Don't forget, you don't have to provide EVERYTHING-- but you do need to be clear, customizable, and authentic.


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