Content Marketing Tool Kit

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Content Marketing Tool Kit


As a small business owner, you’ve quickly learned that it doesn’t matter how great your product or website is, when you can’t convert viewers into customers.

Not making the sales you want after doing everything you know how is frustrating. However, the idea of quitting your business is too devastating to consider. Also, hiring professionals just isn’t in your budget right now, so, you feel stuck and alone.

That’s where the Content Marketing Tool Kit comes to rescue your business from drowning in no sales days repeatedly. So, what’s included in this tool kit? Let me show you.

This tool kit includes:

  • The Email Marketing Guide: 
    • Free podcast episode about email marketing 
    • Best Practices
    • Ethical Email marketing
    • Federal Trade Commission policies and fines
    • Creating an email preference center
    • Email subject line testing
    • A/B Marketing
    • Email Frequency
    • Email campaign series explanation + example
    • 18 email content ideas
    • 8 Tips for building your email list
  • The Master Content Guide:
    • With this tip style guide, you’ll have immediate access to 16 tips, 16 worksheets, graphics and content templates that can help you pinpoint your content weaknesses, strengths and new strategies.
    • You’ll also learn proper goal setting, how to identify your customers, brand refining, relationship building, network marketing and more.
    • This guide also specifically teacher you how to create content that sells online.
  • The digital Content Management Planner:
    • Unlike traditional planners, the interactive CMPs number one goal is to guide small business owners through the creative processes of planning and implementing proven marketing strategies.
    • This means that not only is this a weekly planner journal, but it also has a set of activities per week to help you reach your overall quarterly goals.
    • This 4 week planner also includes:
      • Monthly calendar (undated)
      • Month 1 Explained 
      • Week by Week Calendars 
      • SMART goals 
      • Content MappinG
      • Content Calendar 
      • Content writing
      • Automating content 
      • Audience engagement challenge 
      • Weekly To-Do List + Purpose
      • Journal Entries
      • Weekly Meetings & Events
      • Weekly Recap & Notes
      • Monthly review

The best part is, these are only overviews of what each resource provides. So together, content Marketing and email marketing can help you go from struggling to booming in 3-6 months.

So, what are you waiting for? This tool kit Is already yours.

You just need to add it to cart and commit to learning with to get the results you want.

Customer Reviews

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Martha Gogarty
A time and money saver

This workbook gave me much needed direction and structure, saving me a lot of time and money. I am now able to plan my days with clear goals for that day in mind. Suffice to say I'm very happy with this purchase.