#BULLYBREAKDOWN: 4 Marketing Strategies We Learned From Beyonce Launching Cecred

Who doesn't know the international superstar, Beyonce?

She doesn't need a formal introduction and unless you've been under a rock - you know that she launched Cecred (a hair care brand based on her mother's teachings).

Throughout her career, Beyonce has been no stranger to running a successful marketing campaign and brand launch. With an endless budget and the best resources, she has everything you need to roll out a brand on the main stage and sell out within minutes.

She showed us this with Ivy Park, as each launch sold out within a few hours if not almost immediately.

 From clothing to perfume and now hair care, Beyonce continues to build an empire with stellar marketing. So, here's 4 lessons we've learned about marketing from her latest endeavor.


Lesson #1: Bring Your Brand To Life & Develop a Persona

There's nothing lazy about the well curated social media feeds of Cecred!
They've taken the time to establish the brands light sense of humor, their adoration of Beyonce and her art and their love for content curators of multiple niches.
They touch all the main areas of a well-rounded content strategy as well including:
  • Educational post on how to use the products.
  • Educational post on the products ingredients. 
  • Social proof from industry trusted experts.
  • Social proof from customers all through the comments with positive rapport.
  • Humorous post to engage the audience who are all Beyonce fans to the core.
  • Product introductions to highlight new items and showcase their importance + how sleek the packaging is.
This ensures that their content resonates with most, if not all of Beyonce's loyal fan base AND the new customers who will find the brand via social media.
With this content they've also included ample male content curators, which is VERY important as Beyonce's Renaissance Act I was created for the LGBTQ community in honor of her Uncle Johnny.
With this art, she attracted a wider fan base of men, who could also use her hair care products to show up with fabulous hair again to her next big show.
Examples of post from their feed that embody this:
  1. Pulling up to a #CowboyCarter Listening Party
  2. Shedding hair is not normal
  3. Meet our ritual shaking vessel & fermented rice water


Lesson #2: Use Influencer Marketing Strategically

Beyonce has used Influencer marketing strategically over the last few years for multiple successful launches. First, she used celebrity influencer marketing for roll out campaigns with Ivy Park. All of the celebrities received closets on wheels to unbox their favorite Ivy Park attire on camera.

Following this, Beyonce sent smaller packages to social media influencers across every platform. While her focus was on large creators, you can replicate this on a smaller scale targeting creator's with less than 100k followers / subscribers.

By partnering with the right influencers, they can become your brands hype man. Beyonce can tell her audience 1 million times how amazing these products are but some people will still be skeptical.

The brand overcomes this skepticism by having familiar creators they trust cosign the promises Beyonce & Ms. Tina have given about Cecred's products.

It's also important to add that the Cecred team was strategic with who they sent PR boxes too AND who they invited to the launch party. There were A-List celebrities, A-List influencers and some coming up in the ranks to provide a good mixed atmosphere.

Notable influencers they've worked with include:

  1. Shera Seven AKA Sprinkle Sprinkle
  2. Sunitav
  3. Keke Palmer
  4. Kelly Rowland
  5. Symphanisoto
And more creators shared in a tiktok on their official page.

Lesson #3: Establishing the WHY Early On 

Establishing your WHY, helps your potential customers understand WHY they should buy into what your brand is doing. This is NOT a new concept, it's the bare minimum of what you should have figured out before investing time or money into your brand.
The WHY provides purpose and the foundation for your brands guarantees. By sharing intimate details from her childhood, connecting it to her mother's salon and her early experiences of cleaning said salon she showcases why these products are important to her personally. 
Small business owners do this ALL THE TIME online. They tell us about their hardships or life experiences and how it motivated them to pursue their business to help others who resonate with this message.
For example, a breast cancer survivor could launch a wig line and use their own testimony for why hair and feeling beautiful is so important to them post-chemo. Another example could be a skincare brand owner launching after battling dark spots and cystic acne for years and trying everything available.
Then they share how these feelings forced them to create their own products, the benefits and then share educational content to support their stance.
This is something EVERY brand has -- a story, a why, a mission & an emotional connection that resonates with their audience.

Lesson 4: Invest in quality visuals


I do not have to go into much detail here because you can look at their IG, Pinterest, and website and easily see that they invested in high quality product photos.

Please retire the fur rugs as the backdrop for your product photos. The light box photos are okay for website product listings, but you should not be posting these across your socials.

You need to invest int quality lifestyle product photography. It's more interesting to look at, aesthetic and more appealing overall for your branding. Plus, this photography can easily be used for flyers, thank you cards, boxes, social media content, email campaigns and more!

Your audience can tell when you cheap out on the photography, we all can. Don't go cheap here, especially if you aren't doing photography regularly (at least 2-3 times a year).

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