What is the most important part of your sales funnel?

HINT: It's Lead generation.

Without prioritizing it, your email list is stagnant and your

business will struggle to grow.

Let's change that, Bestie!

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What is lead generation?

Lead generation refers to how you acquire new customers for your business. It's the process that entices viewers to give you their contact information. But, how do you convince them to do this?

By giving them VALUE!

The easiest way to deliver this value is via freebies in the form of e-books, guides, webinar recordings, private video content and exclusive info-graphics. Executing this when you aren't an outbound marketing expert and graphic designer is easy throw together with minimal research and effort.

This process can be smooth & setup for you in 10 business days with our new lead generation design and planning services.

How do our services work?

Step 1: Book a consultation
Step 2: Submit the requested assets
Step 3: Receive new deliverables

We immediately begin working on your project and delliver your final project in 8-10 business days and then you're ready to build your sales funnel.

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What should you prepare to invest?

Here's a quick overview of our services, their prices and your payment options.

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and begin the process without the initial consultation to speed up the process.

Lead Generator Strategy Call


This 2 hour call is perfect If you're not ready to build a lead generator, but you want clarity on how to start the process for your business. We will do research together to figure out what your customers want & what's working best!

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Copy writing & Design


If you know what your lead generator is and just need help designing it and/or writing the copy, you're ready to start your project today! This is optimal only if you're certain on what type of freebies you want & your brand aesthetic.

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Lead Generator Editing

$300 - $450

If you have lead generators currently, but you want to enhance the view experience this is PERFECT for you. We can update your copy and call to actions plus refresh the design to give it a sleeker and more modern appeal.

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Checkout examples of lead generators we've created

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Not ready to invest in a new lead generator yet?

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