50+ Things To Do To Sell Out For Black Friday

After 5 years in business I’ve noticed a pattern in new and small business owners habits - which is knowing optimal shopping times are approaching yet doing very little to take full advantage of this. Every year, they sit back and watch dozens of online businesses make millions for Black Friday weekend while they barely get traffic, sales, or engagement on their content.
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Cricut Virtual Workshop Overview (July 2021)

Learning Cricut is one of the best things I’ve done creatively. But, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also one of the hardest, for several reasons. First, majority of the video content online about Cricut is 2-5 years old. Cricut is actively creating new updates monthly and just released 3 new machines in 2021 (the maker 3, explorer 3 & mug maker).

The available content just isn’t keeping up with the changing and growing industry

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“I’m scared” is stopping you from being GREAT!

I want to take the time to share something from my heart as a business owner of 5 years. 

Every time people tell me they want to start businesses but they don’t and I ask them why, they say “I’m scared”. What I think they really mean is to finish this sentence by saying “I’m scared to believe in myself”. 

Well baby, I have news for you.

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