EVERY Entrepreneur Needs to be HUNGRY

This will be short, sweet, and straight to the point. Consider this more so a message to entrepreneurs, not a blog post.

In the beginning, I was asked “why”, a lot. Now, people are always asking me “how”. Truthfully, the answer is the same for both …


I was hungry for change, success, resources, my bills to be paid and to travel. I was hungry for things for things I didn’t even know were possible. I wanted to be successful as bad as I wanted to breath, I wanted it more than anything.

I was hungry to be free of my ties to corporate America. And even though I’ve accomplished many of the things I’ve wanted, I am still hungry.

I will always be hungry because I’ll never have “made it”. Making it, for me, means I’ve created inter generational wealth. I won’t be alive to truly see it, therefore, I’ll never “make it” – at least not in this lifetime.
What being hungry does for me
Being hungry, keeps me grounded. I am beyond humble because truthfully I’ve been kicked down my entire life. Every day of my life I’ve been hungry because absolutely nothing will be or has been handed to me. At this point, being hungry is like a flame burning inside of me.

Because I am hungry, I am determined . Because I have to eat by hustling and building my business, I am hungry. It’s a two fold for me, I am NEVER not hungry. Being hungry, keeps me focused on my why.

In the end, being hungry will be the reason you survive – when the competition doesn’t.

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