Day 2: Prioritizing Authenticity


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Tyllah Hampton


Hey business besties and welcome to day two of 30 days of podcast and on today's episode we are discussing prioritizing authenticity.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to do this as today's topic is because Jackie Aina actually says something that really resonated with me a few months ago, she said, When you focus on relatability, you can lose your audience once you get to a point where you're no longer relatable.

So if your whole thing revolves around, I'm broke, I'm just trying to get to where I want to be. And you have nothing else going for that when you finally get to where you want to be people who resonated with that are no longer going to resonate with you with where you are.

So instead, you should focus on building a platform around being your authentic self around your personality, not just your aspirations of where you want to be, but who you are, to your core. And I think the beauty in that is that your audience will love you, no matter how big you get authenticity guarantees, you'll always have an audience wherever you go.

And I think that that is actually a very beautiful way to look at growing your online audience. And Jackie ANA has been a great example of embodying authenticity, because she has been the same person for the last decade online with us where we've watched her blossom and grow and attain success and attain wealth and attain the platform and the notoriety and the accolades that she deserves.

But she, her audience has not distanced themselves from her. And I think that that's something that we can all learn to do within our own audience is learning how to be our authentic selves to our core, a few more reasons why I think we should all start prioritizing authenticity is that authenticity is timeless, people will never get tired of you being your authentic self, you can also be relatable forever if you're growing, evolving and improving your life.

Authenticity makes it easier for people to trust you and want to be around you, it means that they will, they will be more likely to buy tickets to your event. So be more likely to come to you when you're going live on social media, they're more likely to buy your products as well, because they know that everything that you're doing is authentic to who you are, and who your brand is.

Authenticity and content creation is easy, when you're being yourself is hard to do those things. And when you're trying to be someone you're not when you're trying to position yourself to look as though you're someone that you're not. Authenticity can make everything so much easier for you online.

Because people will believe you when you say certain things and people will prop you up, not putting you on a pedestal. But they're going to send you more referrals because they know that you're being your authentic self. People also resonate with authenticity significantly more than those pretending to be someone or something that they are not.

And this is a lesson that everyone has to learn. I'm sure that we've seen, you know, so many people come and go online, but the ones who remain and the ones who get to build the platforms, the ones who find the most success, they're always there, their authentic selves.

Some some more great examples of people being their authentic selves will be Megan, the stallion, the cowl sister, Rihanna is definitely always our authentic self. There are tons more examples as well. But those are like just some that I absolutely love. And there are people who are their great authentic selves in every industry.

Another makeup person that I really like, who's great at being her authentic self is Bailey seryan. She does a series makeup murder mystery on YouTube, if you haven't checked it out, definitely recommend it because she's found a way to crack jokes while also being respectful and kind and understanding and diligent and what she does, while going over mystery and murder cases while also doing bomb makeup looks.

And Jackie has found a way to do the exact same thing as well for her niche. So if you're struggling with building up your platform, take a step back and think about how can I be my authentic self? How can I stop trying to be this perfect persona that Instagram tells me that I need to be and how can I focus on being my authentic self.

So some things that I've done recently to really prioritize being my authentic self are going live in my weekly Twitter spaces regularly. I started out just doing it once a week but now I'm trying to do with two or three times a week I'm trying to start going live more as well.

And even though it makes me uncomfortable, it does give people opportunity to see that I'm trying my best to be my authentic self and I'm trying to allow people space to get to know me. I also started talking about my healing journey more on my personal page and I started talking about what healing looks like for me as a black woman.

The spaces I want to see me for black woman and the hurt and the anger and the pain that I'm going through in order to heal to become the best version of myself, which has resulted in other black women reaching out to me and us creating a sense of community. And it's leaning on each other and getting to know each other outside of the social media space, but also more of on a personal level.

And even though everyone will not appreciate that level of authenticity, there are 1000s of people who do. And there are 1000s More who will as my community continues to grow. So you need to decide what authenticity looks like for you. And you need to decide how you can better prioritize that, and your content without it being overbearing, and without, without it feeling forced.

She wanted to feel organic, and you want it to feel natural. You need it to come from the heart. And that's something that you need to keep in mind when you're creating content. How can I be authentic? How can I make it come from the heart? And how can I turn this into a strategy because if you're doing it this way, you'll never run out of content.

You'll never run out of ideas, and you'll always love what you do. So if you like today's tip, and chin, comment on social media and let me know tag me and let me know how you plan to be your most authentic self moving forward and 2022 at marketing bully underscore on Twitter. I would love to hear your stories.

I would love to see your strategies and I would love to understand how authenticity is going to be a new selling point for you. As always, I'll see you on a TL and I'll see you for day three of 30 days of podcasts where tomorrow we're going to discuss how to recycle and repurpose your Twitter content.

So I hope you have a killer week and crush your goals.

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