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I'm pretty sure that the significant part about making over $3,500 in 17 days is that all of my bills are already paid AND I still have five more days to make more money before the month is over. At this rate, I'll make over $5,600 this month. Not bad for someone who used to be a waitress that made $2.13 an hour at IHOP. I'd say I've come a long way since then, and proudly to because I did what everyone said I couldn't do.

So now, I'm going to teach you how to do it too.

I did this using three streams of income, but if you want to learn how to build your income as a writer specifically, then stay tuned because I'm going to tell you exactly how I profited $45,000 in 9 months as a writer pretty soon. 
Just so you know what to expect, I'm going to break down three things I did that helped me the most:
1. Following up with people who requested a quote
2. Sending out coupons to my email list
3. Promote, promote, and promote some more
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1. Following up with potential clients that requested quotes

Ultimately, my goal is to give out at least four quotes every day. Out of the 28 quotes I give out per week at a minimum, I expect to close at least 9 of them per week, which leaves 18 people to follow up with every week. My average order is $130, so I can make 36 sales per month with my Writing company, which would total well over $4,500 per month, and that is realistically doable for me. I live well below my means and budget, so even if for some
reason, the business is unusually slow, I will always have money saved and be prepared for the worst.
With that being said, you miss every single shot you don't take. Does everyone respond to my follow up? Nope, not at all.
Does them not responding stop me from at least trying?
If you inquire with me and don't purchase, I am going to follow up and ask why and how I can improve or what I can do to gain your business next time. MOST people will say they're saving up for the service, which is reasonable. Dozens actually do come back whether one week later or 6 months later to make their purchase. So, maybe, just maybe, I need to keep doing what I'm doing to stay at the forefront of their mind.
One thing to keep in mind is that I push my email list HEAVILY and I push following me on twitter heavily too. This helps me stay in contact with clients, regardless of what's going on in either of our lives. If you're up for talking to people and building relationships, then you should take it a step further and text your clients and video chat with them. ALL of my clients feel thought of, catered too, and loved and if they don't - I figure out why and I try my best to fix it.
In my follow up email, text message, or Twitter DM, I always start by thanking them for contacting me and explaining how I'm following up regarding their inquiry. I look for the "smoke screens" (reasons why they won't buy) and offer immediate solutions. For example, if it's too expensive, I offer a 15% off coupon if they subscribe to my email list. This works REALLY, REALLY well !! Especially when they can visually see a price decrease and a value increase. And it's a double win for me because I gain a new client, money, and an email subscriber. If this doesn't close the sale, I start asking more questions to try and find the real reason. Sometimes I learn that people don't like purchasing things online, but usually, I reassure them by linking them to my reviews, showing them my website, ensuring at least a 40% refund if they're not 100% satisfied with their purchase. If they still aren't satisfied, I wish them a good day and go on with my day. I'm not going to beg you for a sale, but I will try to sell you, and if I can't, I'll sell the next person.
So how much exactly did I make in sales from doing follow up emails and messages? I'm glad you asked because I am happy to say I made over $2,300 in sales JUST by following up with potential clients and current clients who inquired about a service.
Yup. That's right. All I had to do was make a couple of e-mail campaigns, some template messages and message everyone I've come into contact with within the last three months and WAHLAAAA - magic happened, and I made $2,300 in 17 days.
Disclaimer: Let's talk about business, follow me on twitter to connect with me every day (@TyllahChanel & @TouchedByTy).

2. Sending out coupons to my email list

One of the most straightforward tactics I use is referring everyone I give a quote to, to my website to sign up for my e-mail subscriber list for a 15% off coupon. By doing this, I built my e-mail list to well over 1,000 within four months. Gaining a little over 700 subscribers in 4 months was a big deal for me because it meant that I was growing at a steady rate. Every time I follow up with potential clients, I reiterate what they initially reached out to me for and offer a free 15-minute consultation to formally introduce myself to them and learn more about their needs. I make communication a priority, and I set out to build friendships first and make money later because when people trust you, and you remain relevant in multiple parts of their lives, they will ALWAYS buy from you. An actual salesperson will be a friend first and a salesperson second. They won't forget what the goal is, but they won't let their desire for making money cloud their judgment.
With my approach to customer service in mind, I e-mailed my subscribers two coupons and a newsletter update within 17 days, and I generated $1075.70 from the vouchers being used. I knew this would work, but I had no idea it would work this well, and this quickly. I developed projections and figured I'd make $500 based on previous performances, but I put some serious work into developing my e-mail marketing campaigns, e-mail titles, and coupons with strong call-to-actions. Also, I don't send big coupons because I send them once or twice a month I only send $5 off or 10% off coupons, and they usually do the trick.
If you want to learn the call-to-actions that I used, then consider booking a consultation with me or following me on twitter becasue i drop gems every day. 

3. Promote, promote, and promote some more

Honeeyyyyy, I promote EVERYDAY ALL DAY! PERIOD!
I don't care who doesn't like it, support it, share it, or care for it. It is NOT for them, and they can keep scrolling, rolling, and moving along if they can't support me. They can unfollow me too because I'm building a community of people that support me. If you can't and don't support me - why are you here?
With that being said, I will continue to promote because the truth is, no matter how much you promote, at least ten people don't know who you are or what you do. The only way to reach them and make them know who you are is if you tell them who you are and what you do.
I promote 4 to 10 times per day at least five days a week. I do it continuously because it builds up, and even if I don't make money today, they saw my promotion, and they'll reach out to me eventually. Doing this continuously for a year has garnered me some very loyal clients that have spent well over $2,000 with me on various services. I promote on Twitter, Pinterest, and sometimes Facebook. I don't use Facebook professionally, just for family and friends honestly but I do get a little traffic from it and 2-3 sales a month from it. On Pinterest though, I pin 5-10 times per day, and on Twitter, I tweet up to 25 times per day. I make sure to stay super active and engaged on these two, because well, I get all of my traffic from them - especially Twitter!
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