Day 1: Fostering a community


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Tyllah Hampton



Hey business besties and welcome to day one of 30 days of podcast where I am going to drop a new podcast episode every single day for the next 30 days non stop. And today we are going to discuss how to foster a community with digital marketing and why you should foster community.

Now just to give you a brief overview, fostering good community means that you include your audience in what you're doing, you uplift them, you nurture them, because it's the only way forward, a nurtured audience will allow you to transition into different types of content, different types of products and different types of businesses, they will also follow you everywhere and more importantly, it won't feel forced.

Now, when it comes to actually fostering your community, creating a sense of community makes people feel comfortable talking to you regularly, which is going to help you build that sense of people feeling like they know you like you are best friends and like even outside of the internet, that they will feel comfortable walking up to you and talking to you, which is the vibe that you actually want to create.

When you start trying to build your business online. When you create a community, you build trust, and you create a sense of belonging. And that should be your number one goal honestly is making people feel like they have a digital space that they actually belong in.

And although that won't happen quickly, over time, you can foster that sense of people feeling like when you go live, they are talking to their best friend on the phone, every time you tweet, you're talking directly to them every time you drop a product it was made specifically for them. And that's honestly, you know, what you want to lean more towards, instead of creating vague and generalized content, instead of trying to talk to everybody trying to appeal to everybody trying to sell to everybody, you really need to sit down and work on selling to one specific person.

Because even though you're talking to encourage them for one specific person, it'd be a group of people who identify as that specific person, and that's what's called a customer profile. So you need to take the time to figure out what their pain points are, what their goals are, what they're trying to overcome with their suffering, what they're experiencing, what are they trying to attain, as well as their demographics for how much money they make, where do they live?

What kind of house do they live in? What kind of car do they drive, because that's going to help you peel to the lifestyle aspect of actually working with them or getting them to buy things from you. And you also want to figure out their moral and ethical beliefs, what do they believe?

And why do they believe in that what has led them to believing in that, and also the societal and lifestyle that they would like to lead as well. Coming up with all of these things will help you better understand who you're talking to, why you're talking to them, and why they would benefit from joining your community.

It will also help you increase getting referrals for your community because communities thrive on referrals, which which overall can reduce your advertising and marketing expenses and allow you more time to create content that you love because your community members will also start seeking out others to add back into your community.

You will also like creating content more when you start feeling appreciated, you will get that sense of appreciation from your community when you start focusing on developing things for a specific group of people rather than being vague in your content. In my recent article, how to increase engagement on Twitter, five hacks plus a podcast included, I share five tips to actually help you start doing this.

Those five tips include developing the right mindset to grow an account from zero followers, focusing on building a community creating valuable, engaging shareable educational content, creating a specific customer profile how and why to show up every single day, but especially when you're in the growing phase.

I also included a podcast episode specifically about this, it was super engaging, I highly recommend checking it out. I will also link the article down below in the description box of this podcast episode for you as well. But just to give you a brief summary, I do go into detail about the questions you should ask to actually create a detailed customer profile.

I'll go over how to create a sense of community and just to give you some examples of how I actually create a sense of community because what we mean when we say this outside of just being your authentic self. It also means that you are taking actionable steps to actually want to keep people around to foster and to nurture a sense of an environment that feels safe. That creates a sense of belonging and that people feel like they get more out of them.

Buying things from so I'll give you seven things that I've personally done to help foster a sense of community. Number one, I created a company hashtag, which is hashtag touch by Thai hashtag the marketing bully. And by doing this, people can always click my hashtags to find new content, customer reviews, and other community members expressing how much they love what we're doing inside of our community.

The second thing I've done is I've created a free group chat. And I do this periodically, where I'll just create free group chats, my group chats usually have anywhere from 100 to 1000 people in with the average number being about 350 people or so. And within each group chats, I help people with different things.

And sometimes the group chats are a huge success, and sometimes they don't work out. But the main thing is that I consistently try to create those group chats to give people a sense of community outside of social media. Number three that I do is I blog, and I drop new content every single week.

So either I'm blogging, or podcasting, I'm sending emails, I'm creating freebies, I'm doing tic TOCs, I'm creating new tip based or it's on Twitter, or I'm doing all of those things simultaneously. And sometimes I'll alternate.

So sometimes I might blog more sometimes on my podcast more, but either way, my audience knows that they're going to get consistent value from me every single week. Number four, I created this podcast, which is allowed me to create a new medium for people to connect with me in having the audio side to go along with it makes everything that I do so much more valuable, so much more personable, and so much more human like, which has also resulted in others inviting me to their podcasts and their YouTube channels and inviting me to be interviewed to get more clarity on things that I'm saying.

I also do weekly live Twitter spaces. And I think that this has been one of the most valuable additions to my content strategy for my community. And next I created a community moniker - a moniker is basically a nickname that you give your most loyal audience members, and I call mine business besties.

So at the beginning of every podcast episode, at the beginning of every email, I address you guys as business besties, because we are besties. And we're on track to become successful best friends who traveled the world together, who are building businesses together who are living the life that we want to live. The last thing that I do, to foster a sense of community is I regularly include my audience and the content creation process.

So I create games, I'll be like, do you like this? Or do you like that, I'll create a graphic that says Pick one through four that you like most, and then I create content around those things. I also do survey threads regularly, I survey my audience regularly, I create a list of content topics that I plan to drop soon.

And I give them the option to choose what they want to see first, and what order they want to see it in. So those are just some different things that I do to foster a sense of community on line. The process may look a little different when you're in the building phase. But essentially, if you're doing these things, when you are in a building phase, you will be in the habit of doing them once you get your following to where you want it to be.

Now, I hope that that was helpful. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it on Twitter, Instagram or your preferred social media platform. And let me know what you thought was the most helpful about today's episode.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow because tomorrow, we're actually going to discuss how to prioritize authenticity and my favorite sources for getting motivation to be my most authentic self online. As always, I'll see you guys on the CL and thank you for dropping in on day one of 30 days of podcasts.

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