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Creating an Environment For Conversions: Website Mapping & Automations

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When you're taking the DIY route and trying to do as many things as possible by yourself, it can become frustrating when your efforts aren't producing the desired results. Part of the reason why is because we do not know what we do not know, so it is hard to ask for help when we're struggling but unsure of what questions to ask. There are many skills required to successfully building a website and even one being "off", can produce undesirable outcomes and overall frustration.

This is where website mapping and automations come into play. If you've never heard of or used website mapping and automations, this is the resource for you. 

Here's what you will learn from this resource:

  • Website Flow Mapping

- What is a website map?

- What goes in a website map?

- How thorough should a map be?

- 3 website map visuals

- 5+ free resources for additional research

  • Website Automation breakdown

- 1 example: Email sign up and freebie download

- How to map a new automation + resources to implement strategy.

- What is a freebie download? Where to create one?

- Automations list for research

- Resources to help you start your automation journey

  • The Best plugins for Shopify to begin the automation process

So, if you're ready to learn how to strategically plan for a website and the beauty in automations, click "add to cart" and checkout. Your new journey to a website that meets your goals begins here.


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