500 email subject lines (ebook)

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500 email subject lines (ebook)


The official publish date for this ebook is in July 2022.


Hard truth: If you can’t get your emails to land in the primary folder AND get opened, what’s in them doesn’t matter.

Once you accept this, it gets easy to review your strategy subjectively and see why your subject lines don’t lead to open emails.

Even if your email open rate is on track with an industry average of 20%-30%, you still need to figure out why 80%-70% of your email subscribers don’t open your emails.

It could take you 6+ months to develop email subject lines that work and that’s why this ebook is so powerful.

In creating this ebook for you, I did 3 things:

  1. I spent 4 years testing subject lines in different industries with dozens of clients, ensuring that what’s shared here has worked for me personally.
  2. I compiled examples shared by over 30 reputable marketing companies to provide a variety of subject lines.
  3. Lastly, I subscribed to 100+ companies email list in 25+ industries to analyze their strategies, subject lines and more. This ensures these subject lines are relevant, used in real time and actually work for the successful brands we admire.

Sounds good, right? If so, here’s everything you need to know:

  1. This ebook is 60+ pages
  2. The subject lines are broken down into 51 categories and each category has 7-15 examples of subject lines
  3. This is an ebook, you will receive it via email after purchase.
  4. Ebook format: PDF