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Expert Interview of February

Joe Martin is an expert marketer who's worked with Adobe, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and is now the VP of Marketing and Content at Scorpion. Join us as we discuss all things marketing, campaign planning, and creative concept development for small businesses.

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Shopify Hack #2

Shopify is a powerhouse for small businesses. The platform and plugins have only become more advanced and user-friendly in recent years, with Skill Suite making courses creation and student engagement easier than ever. In this short tutorial, I walk you through how to use Skill Suite & boost sales with courses.

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Shopify Hack #1

Growing your email list takes a ton of work, but so does create content they love that keeps them engaged and ecstatic about receiving your emails. A super-easy way to grow consistently is to create freebies that allow you to build authority over time. In this quick tutorial, I teach you how to do this.

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50 tips to create content like a pro!

Tapping into content marketing organically is overwhelming for many small business owners. This is why I've taken the time to drop nonstop gems for your small business. You can expect gems for how to actually grow your following, improve your content & brainstorming fresh ideas.

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