Hey there!

First, i just want to say thank you so much for contributing to our blog, it means the world to us. With all of our new content and platforms, it has become impossible for us to only create content in house, so we want to open up our platforms and invite other business owners to share their insight.

While you can complete this submission form, we will only reach out to you if we accept your offer. In the meantime, i do suggest starting an outline for your article, because once we reach out you will typically have 30 days to complete it and submit it for publication.

If you can, we would love some graphics included because we include graphics in all of our post. Check out our "Talk To Tyllah" blog to see examples of our graphics, they can be simple, they are just used to break the article up and make it easier to digest. If not, let us know in advance so that we can make them for your article. 

Here's how you benefit:

  • You can promo your products at the end of the post and add some pics there to and include a pic of yourself so readers know who you are. Don't forget to include an author bio, so our readers can learn about you and how amazing you are.
  •  We also will not promo our business in the post, so you can promo your business in it every 3-4 paragraphs with a grey italicized excerpt that links to your site as well. 
  • We have 500-1500 monthly viewers for our blog, this will vary depending on how valuable your chosen topic is. If we love your topic but believe your article can be better structured, we will collaborate with you upon completion to improve its odds of being read by all of our viewers. 
  • We are leaving your article up forever on our blog, so this is a permanent back link for you that can help boost your brands SEO and visibility to google.
  • Entrepreneurs at all levels are welcome, although we do require at least 6 months of being in business to write for us officially. 

Article Requirements:

  • We prefer it to be 1,000 - 2,000 words for SEO purposes, but as long as you can get it to 650 words We will be very happy and appreciative. 
  • Articles with the 1,000 words threshold will be given priority, so keep this in mind.
  • For every 3 paragraphs, create a graphic.
  • You must incorporate list, numbers and bullet points.
  • You must create sections with headers, so that readers can know what to expect.
  • For the first 30 days after its published on our platform, you cannot publish this article anywhere else - including your own blog or with another platform. If you do this, we will take your article down and you will never be invited to write for us again.
  • All articles must be edited and free of grammatical errors to the best of your knowledge. Although we will review it and try our best to help perfect it, it is your responsibility to submit a complete article nearly ready to publish.

Topics we welcome: 

  • How to articles - teach the readers how to do something specifics
  • Inspirational - share your story and struggles you've overcome with tips to help the readers
  • Tech related
  • Start up advice
  • Software tutorials
  • Finance
  • Mental health
  • Work life balance
  • Any relevant topics for business owners.