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What are the longterm benefits of using SMS?

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Everything you want to know about SMS
Who does SMS marketing best work for?

In our experience, service providers AND retail product-based brands can benefit from SMS marketing. Service providers can use SMS for client education, appointment reminders, and booking openings. Product-based businesses can use SMS marketing for sales, education, event invitations, new product stocks, and more.

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What can SMS do for you?

1. Most leads need to see your brand 7 times before they convert. Considering most consumers have cell phones they use daily, SMS is an EASY way to guarantee brand contact.


2. 60% of all modern consumers want to communicate via text with brands they love, boosting sales by 40%+ over time.


3. SMS marketing makes it almost impossible for people to forget about your brand. While some people may only check their email once a week, nearly everyone checks their phone multiple times a day.


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How do our SMS Services work?

Step 1: Submit an inquiry to share SMS deliverables and goals


Step 2: Recieve a quote, invoice, and service agreements


Step 3: Begin creating SMS strategy, and content and organizing your current list or planning an outbound campaign to grow your list


Step 4: Launch your SMS content and watch the sales roll in!

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