Featured in The Canvas Rebel, a new creative magazine highlighting inspiring entrepreneurs & business owners in 2022. Within this spotlight, Tyllah was sharing her initial experience of launching PrintGami in 2020, how she got new clients and more.

Check out this interview here: Meet Tyllah-Chanel Cornelio

    Featured in the podcast founded by Global Results, a PR tech company based in California. Within this spotlight, Tyllah was highlighted for bullying her fan base into digital branding and marketing, drops gems, insights, predictions about content marketing and more.

    The 2020 Virtual Media Slumber Party hosted by Black Girls In Media Inc.


    Hood Little Hippie Podcast

    Ep. 4 - How Bad Do You Want it?

    “Meet Tyllah! This week Hood Little Hippie and Tyllah, owner of Touched by Ty Creative Services, dive into all things mental health and entrepreneurship. Tyllah has the experience and Hood Hippie is just starting out. Hear from each of them as they tell us best practices and discuss what motivated them to get started in the first place. No matter where you are in life, everyone needs a mental health break from work and life. The ladies are discussing how to find balance and keep it! Get into it! ”

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    The Voyage Dallas Interview

    One of the first interviews Tyllah completed in 2019 that overviews her entrepreneurial start and journey. Though she no longer has the business model with this article, it is a testament to her tremendous growth over the last 3+ years since 2019.

    Enjoy the full article here: Meet Tyllah-Chanel