30 Day Content Management Planner (eplanner)

  • 30 Day Content Management Planner Touched By Ty

30 Day Content Management Planner (eplanner)


Unlike traditional planners, the interactive CMPs number one goal is to guide small business owners through the creative processes of planning and implementing proven marketing strategies. This means that not only is this a weekly planner journal, but it also has a set of activities per week to help you reach your overall quarterly goals

Planner Introduction

  • Planner Weekly Overview
  • Key Terms & Acronyms Glossary
  • Resources
  • Shameless plugs & Referrals
  • Monthly SMART goals

Month 2  - Content Creation 

  • Monthly calendar (undated)
  • Month 1 Explained 
  • Week by Week Calendars 
  • SMART goals 
  • Content Mapping
  • Content Calendar 
  • Content writing
  • Automating content 
  • content strategy guidance
  • Audience engagement challenge 
  • Weekly To-Do List + Purpose
  • Journal Entries
  • Weekly Meetings & Events
  • Weekly Recap & Notes
  • Monthly review

    Everything you need to know:

    • Page count: 88+ pages
    • file type: PDF
    • printed Journal size: 8.5x11 inches
    • The spiral-bound planner has a gold ring with a 5 mm laminated front & back cover with 100 lb cardstock dividers between sections. It is sleek and smooth to the finish.