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Hey Business Bestie!

I host weekly twitter spaces that are recorded and added to my podcast "Talk To Tyllah" & Then turned into blog post on my blog "Talk To Tyllah". After this content is created, I then send an email blast to my 1800+ and growing email list of engaged readers. 

Currently on twitter, i average 4+ million monthly impressions and over 80,000 organic profile visitors a month with 1500+ monthly blog readers. My primary audience is Black creatives and business owners with 60% being women and 40% being men and the medium income set at $70K + business income. If this sounds like your target demographic, this could be a very fruitful opportunity for you.

For more background, my weekly twitter spaces average 50-80 listeners + I turn it into a podcast that people can download & a blog that i send out to 2,000+ email subscribers. In total, this opportunity grants you access to 18K+ new readers and a highly engaged audience.

How the process works:

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a google form to complete. The form will allow you to detail what date you'd like to be a sponsor for the podcast, what you would like to promo, any links you want me to include and include a short script if you want me to say something specific. It will also give you the option to request a 15-20 minute consultation to discuss your package in detail. Please keep in mind that the live episodes are held every Wednesday at 7 pm CST, this will never change. The recorded episodes and blog post are shared on Saturday and Sunday of that upcoming weekend.

Here's different packages i'd offer:

Package 1: Brand Mention + Website link - $25

  • When the episode is at an all time high with live viewers, i'd announce your brand as a sponsor + talk about how amazing you are & share a link to your website.

Package 2: Brand Interview - $60

  • My viewers are always asking about things relevant to business so this could be great if you sell things relevant to business owners, especially Black women and creatives.
  • I'd interview you & make the episode about you
  • Share your website link.
  • Announce you as a sponsor
  • And we could host a giveaway or do a special offer that is only valid until midnight to add a sense of urgency.

Package 3: Full Sponsorship - $300

  • Sponsor announcement at intro and mid episode
  • 1200 word Blog post + link back to website & special offer, no affiliate link required + i will promo the article once a day on twitter the first week it launches.
  • Permanent Episode Website link
  • Only promo your service / product
  • Email the sponsor information & blog to my 1800+ email subs.
  • Tweet about you in my podcast & twitter space announcements 10 times.