Black Friday Discord Group

  • Black Friday Discord Group

Black Friday Discord Group


We've listened to everyone discuss the stress and anxiety around planning Black Friday & we're here to provide the support you didn't know you needed. Usually, we provide this support to clients who invest thousands into a hands on catered experience.

BUT, we also know that not every business is in a position to make such an investment - especially those who've just launched. So, that's where this discord group comes in at. 

If you follow us on twitter (@Touchedbyty), then you know good and well we are going all out this year for Black Friday resources and value for our community. You can EASILY take advantage of this Black Friday discord (Group chat) where we will be providing 30 days of Black Friday value.

With this discord group we have 4 weeks of content and strategies mapped out + accountability measures to ensure you implement everything correctly and get the most from these resources.

In this discord, we have a curriculum set which includes:

  • Week 1: Content marketing: SMART Goal setting, understanding your audiences needs, launching campaigns successfully, building optimized landing pages & building sales funnels that work.
  • Week 2: Email & Social media marketing - content ideas, content templates, email subject line writing, understanding your analytics, incorporating memes & automating for launch week
  • Week 3: Black Friday Launch - Ensuring all landing pages, email content and sales content is completed & set to automatically post, getting all bundle offers prepackaged and organized, double checking all automations, & customer service preparation. 
  • Week 4: Managing customer expectations - handling angry customers, resolving lost orders, preventing refunds and back charges, proper customer communications & handling social media review disasters. 

Enrollment for this discord group is from October 26th, 2021 - November 1st, 2021. Enrollment is limited to 100 participants. After the deadline or participant enrollment is met, enrollment will close until the holiday discord group launches in December 2021. 

The discord curriculum will launch November 1st, 2021. If you sign up before the launch date, you will be given access to get an introduction of what to expect and meet other business owners. However, Ty will not start sharing the hands on activities, video content and engaging hands on until November 1st, 2021. Please keep this in mind when signing up.

As always, we are happy to help and can't wait to see you killing it during Black Friday weekend.